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Surname Barrasch - Meaning and Origin

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Barrasch: What does the surname Barrasch mean?

The last name Barrasch is thought to come from the medieval German word “barrasch,” which meant “shoemaker.” The surname was likely brought into common usage by barrasch makers who worked, lived, and even sold shoes in the area. Barrasch wearers then took on the surname to differentiate themselves from the rest of the population.

The surname is also found in Austria, where it has been derived from the word “barász,” a pet form of the name Borislav, which means “bear glory.” This may have originally been bestowed on someone of great and honorable importance or with a reputation for combat prowess.

Barrasch can also be traced to Poland, where it is derived from the old Polish name “barasz.” This was a name given to someone with quick and nimble movements, and likely referred to someone who was an acrobat or a skilled dancer.

In general, the name Barrasch is shared by people of diverse backgrounds, reflecting the wide range of people who have adopted it over time. The last name may be associated with a certain trade, noble roots, brilliance in movement, or a combination of all three. It is also an example of how a surname can evolve and be adapted over time to accommodate the changing cultural landscape.

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Barrasch: Where does the name Barrasch come from?

The last name Barrasch is commonly found in the United States and Germany today. In the United States, the Barrasch family can be traced back to the late 1700s, when it first appeared in colonial America. In the United States, the highest concentration of Barrasch descendants is found in Pennsylvania, where they also have the oldest Barrasch house in the country. Additionally, a large population of Barrasch family members can be found in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and other northern states.

In Germany, the Barrasch name originated in Prussia and Silesia in the 19th century. During World War I and II, many of the Barrasch family members scattered all across Germany and the rest of Europe. Today, the Barrasch name is still commonly found throughout Germany, especially in its major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Stuttgart. It is also common in the smaller towns of Prussia and Silesia, where the family first arrived.

While many Barrasch family members have remained in Europe, others have since left their homelands to become part of the larger diaspora and are now found in countries such as Canada, Israel, Russia, Australia, and South Africa.

Overall, the Barrasch name is still quite common today in both Germany and the United States. Its prevalence is a testament to the strength and resilience of the Barrasch family over the centuries.

Variations of the surname Barrasch

The surname Barrasch has several variants and spellings. The most common spellings include, but are not limited to, Barash, Barisma, Barashich, Berasch, Barasch, Barrisch and Berish.

The surname Barrasch has often been modified from its original spelling and can be found in records of many nationalities. The original name is thought to come from the German word “bar” which means “bear”. It was a popular name for people living in the Bavarian region of Germany in the Middle Ages and was most likely used as a nickname for someone who was thought to have characteristics of a bear.

The surname Barrasch is also found in Jewish families although it is believed to originate from the same source. Spellings such as Barash and Barisma are more common in Jewish families from Eastern Europe.

Variations of the surname Barrasch can also be found in other countries, including Sweden, Norway, Austria, Poland, Russia, and many countries in the Middle East.

The surname Barrasch is usually passed down through generations and is still used by many families today. Some of the common associated surnames include Baraschoff, Barracash, Barrachenko, Barral, and Barras.

Famous people with the name Barrasch

  • Al Barrasch: NFL outfielder for the Detroit Lions from 1929 to 1930
  • Kurt Barrasch: German alpine skier who competed at the 2004 Winter Olympics
  • Abigail Barrasch: American singer-songwriter
  • Miriam Barrasch: American artist specializing in drawing and landscape painting
  • Henning Barrasch: German neurologist and founder of the Institute for Treatment and Research in Acute Neurology in Munich
  • Irene Barrasch-Segal: American author and illustrator of children’s books
  • Guy Barrasch: French architect and town planner
  • Adolf Barrasch: Hungarian-Austrian astronomer who discovered the nova Sco 1572
  • David Barrasch: American contemporary artist and painter
  • Walter Barrasch: Austrian actor best known for his roles in films such as “Der Klabautermann” (1970) and “The Light of my Love” (1974)

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