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Surname Barrasj - Meaning and Origin

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Barrasj: What does the surname Barrasj mean?

The last name Barrasj is derived from the surname Barras, which is believed to have been of French origin. The name Barras is derived from the 12th century Norman French word “barras” which translates to “barrier”. Many variants of the Barras surname exist, with Barrasj denoting a clipping of Barras. This means that the bearer of the name is descended from a family with the Barras name.

The origin of families that bear the Barrasj name can be traced back to France during the 1100s. Alexander de Barras is said to have served in the army of William of Normandy at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Furthermore, the Barras family later spread to England. Battle records note that a Thomas de Barras was present at the Battle of Evesham in 1265.

The Barras family have also established themselves in various parts of the world over the years. In 1780, a family that bore the Barras name were amongst the first settlers of the United States, settling in North Carolina. The Barras family have since settled in other parts of the United States, Canada, Australia, and across Europe.

Overall, the Barrasj last name is linked to the French family of Barras, who have had descendents all across the world. While there is not a definitive explanation for where the name came from, it is believed to be derived from the Norman French word barras, meaning barrier.

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Barrasj: Where does the name Barrasj come from?

The last name Barrasj is most common today in France. The name is derived from the French term “Barras,” meaning “a bar” or “a gate.” This was often used as a descriptive name, and the use of the French spelling, “J,” at the end of the name became popular.

Today, the Barrasj name is associated with many towns, villages, and regions in France. In the southern part of the country, the name appears most prominently in the department of Tarn, particularly around the commune of Castres. It is also common in the departments of lot and Bouches-du-Rhône.

In the northern region of Normandy, the name is found in villages and towns such as Mocaude, Fosse, and Cerisy. In the east, the Barrasj name is found in the department of Alsace-Lorraine. This region continues to produce many Barrasj surname holders today.

Beyond France, the Barrasj name can also be found in North and South America, particularly in countries like Venezuela, Peru, and Portugal. It is likely that those with Barrasj lineage immigrated to the Americas during the colonization of the continent.

Overall, the Barrasj name is most common today in France and in countries which were formerly colonized by the French. It is likely to have originated in France and to have expanded to other countries as a result of colonization.

Variations of the surname Barrasj

The surname Barrasj has a few variants, depending on language, region, and spelling influences. One of the most common variations of the surname is Barras, which is a spelling used in Spanish-speaking regions such as Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. Another variation is Barrás, which is the more common spelling of the surname in most Spanish-speaking countries, including Colombia, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Venezuela.

In Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking nations, Barrasj is commonly spelled Barraz. There are also numerous Variations to the spelling of the Barrasj surname for those of French descent, such as Barrasse, Barrasseau, Bresault, and Bressault.

In some cases, the surname may have been adopted from ancestor's maiden names, resulting in regional variants such as in the Netherlands, where the surname is sometimes spelled Barraza, and in the United Kingdom, where it may be spelled Barris.

In Finland, the surname may take on the form Perajarvi and in Italy it is sometimes spelled Barbarisi. There are also some variations in the way the surname is spelled in different Middle Eastern countries. For example, it may be spelled Barraj, Barrazj, Barrash, and Barrashi.

Regardless of the regional spelling variation, the surname is generally thought to have derived from the first name Barras, which itself is an ancient name thought to have originated in Spain.

Famous people with the name Barrasj

  • Bob Barrass, former AFL umpire and member of the AFL Hall of Fame
  • Joseph Barras, Haitian painter
  • Sean Barrass, sports journalist
  • Edward Edney Barras, Canadian educator
  • Carlton Barras, American artist
  • Zephaniah Kingsley, Jr. Barras, politician
  • Auguste Rodin, French sculptor
  • Lionel Barras, filmmaker
  • Yves Barras, French memoir writer
  • Germain Barras, French actor
  • Maxime Barras, Swiss swimmer
  • Jean Barras, French artillery officer
  • Andrea Barras, French chanteuse
  • Julia Barras, former UK Deputy Prime Minister for Scotland
  • Oliver de Barras, former Prussian minister
  • Jacques Barras, French engineer
  • Charlotte Barras, socialite
  • Abraham Barras, French composer
  • Max Barras, British actor
  • Marie Barras, French actress

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