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Surname Barrash - Meaning and Origin

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Barrash: What does the surname Barrash mean?

The last name Barrash is derived from the Czech word barvash, meaning "rainbow" or "many-colored." It is thought to have originated centuries ago, first appearing in historical records dating as far back as 1384.

The name may have served as a surname for the owners or occupants of a rainbow-colored coat of arms. Alternatively, the name may have identified people of a certain profession or region of origin, or simply signify a bright, colorful character.

Barrash families are believed to have originated in Czechoslovakia and other nearby Slavic regions. Most of these families can be traced to Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Romania, but descendants can also be found in other countries, including Israel, United States and Germany.

Family members who adhere to the Jewish faith may have a slightly different interpretation of the name. According to a 13th century Czech rabbi, the name Barvash had a religious connotation, deriving from the word Baruch, meaning "Blessed".

In the modern world, the name Barrash continues to be used as a surname, many of which have gone on to have successful business, political and athletic careers. Those who carry the name are reminded of its colorful history and the diverse cultures to which it belongs.

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Barrash: Where does the name Barrash come from?

The surname Barrash is of Russian-Jewish origin and is most commonly found throughout the former Soviet Union, specifically in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. In addition, families bearing the last name Barrash can be found in Israel, the United States, Germany, and Argentina. It is believed that the name means "son of Barras," which is a separate Jewish family surname.

Barras is itself derived from a Hebrew word meaning Lucifers, or head of a household. This is also evidenced by the similar surnames Barrasch and Barasch, which also appear to be related to the Barrash surname.

For those in the United States searching for relatives with the Barrash surname, locations in the US with the largest population of individuals with the last name include California, New York, Florida, and Nevada.

In terms of ancestry, Barrash families that are of Russian-Jewish heritage may also have more distant roots in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. One of the ways to trace family history and uncover more clues about the origin of the Barrash surname is to view records of the area in which the family was living prior to immigration or relocation.

In the former Soviet Union, there are clues to the origins of the Barrash family as well. Jewish people in the region had roots in the Ashkenazi culture; villages with the names Barash, Baroush, and Barish are still mostly populated by Jewish families, and family documentation from before the Russian Revolution should be accessible from those locations.

Variations of the surname Barrash

The surname Barrash is of Russian origin and has several variations in spelling and other forms. Alternative spellings of the surname include Barasch, Barach, Barash, Berach, Berash, Berasch, and Borisov.

Barrash variations are found mainly in the United States, Canada, and Russia. The surname is most frequent in the United States, followed by Canada and then Russia. It is commonly found in the states of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, and California.

The surname Barrasch is derived from the Slavic word “barash”, which means “clerk” or “scribe”. It is believed to have originated in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland during the 14th century, and spread through the Russian Empire when it was at its peak.

The surname Barrasch is also linked to the town of Berishev in Ukraine, which is believed to be the origin of many variations of the name. The town’s population is predominately Jewish, and many members of the Jewish community have adopted variations of the name.

Other forms of the name Barrash include such variants as Baresh, Burenish, Barwish, Barrish, Barruch, and Baruch. Some other surnames related to the origin of Barrash are Borkowski, Barashevich, Barashevsky, Barashovetsky, Barashovetskaya, Borodin, Borinski and Borisov.

The use of the Barrash surname has been documented since at least the 17th century in Russia, and in various other countries since the 19th century. It is still common today, and the use of the different variations of the surname is mostly based on regional preference.

Famous people with the name Barrash

  • Flavia Barrash-Garland: an American synchro swimmer
  • Ryan Barrash: an American film and television Producer
  • Peter Barrash: an American lawyer and public interest advocate
  • Joseph Barrash: an American journalist
  • Alex Barrash: an American television writer and producer
  • Steve Barrash: an American artist, photographer, illustrator
  • David Barrash: an American author, speaker, and consultant
  • Doug Barrash: an American professional golfer
  • Marten Barrash: an American journalist, editor, and writer
  • Karl Barrash: an American musician and educator

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