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Surname Barshinger - Meaning and Origin

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Barshinger: What does the surname Barshinger mean?

The surname Barshinger is of German origin, and its meaning is derived from the word “barsch” which means “fierce” or “courageous.” The surname was likely taken on by someone who was considered brave or strong in battle, or perhaps someone who particularly excelled at a profession or skill. People with this name have been documented as far back as the mid-1500s, throughout what is now Germany.

The name has spread throughout Europe over the centuries, and hundreds of bearers of the name Barshinger can be found in countries all over the world. In the United States, many of those bearing the name are descended from German immigrants who came to the New World during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Today, those who carry on the Barshinger surname are proud of their heritage and share the same spirit of courage and strength that the name stands for. A Barshinger is someone whose determination and resilience are part of their DNA; someone who never stops striving for excellence no matter how far life takes them.

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Barshinger: Where does the name Barshinger come from?

The last name Barshinger is most commonly found in the United States. According to the United States Census Bureau, as of 2018 there were almost 1,000 people living with the Barshinger surname in the United States. Pennsylvania is the state that the highest number of Barshinger live in, with over 300 people living in the state at that date. Other high concentrations of Barshinger in the United States can be found in Ohio and Maryland, with over 100 people living in each state.

With the growth of international travel, the surname Barshinger is now found in other countries around the world, specifically in Central and South America. According to the World Names Profiler, Barshinger is most prevalent in Guatemala, with over 400 people living there in 2006. After Guatemala, Barshinger is most common in Peru, with over 200 people living in the country at that time. El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Honduras all have smaller populations of Barshinger.

The origins of the surname Barshinger are unclear. It could be derived from the German word “bär”, which translates to “bear”. If this is true, the surname likely originated in Germany, and was adopted by people with German ancestry who moved to the United States and other, more distant countries.

Variations of the surname Barshinger

The surname Barshinger has several variant spellings, surnames with the same origin, and even variations on the pronunciation. Some of the more common variants are Barzinger, Barschinger, Barsinger, and Barsing.

While it is not one of the most common surnames in the United States, it still has a long history in the country. The earliest known ancestor in America of the Barshinger surname was Hans Adam Barshinger, who came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1750. He was followed by his brother Matthias and eventually by two more brothers, Peter and Henry.

The Barshinger surname is of German origin and goes back to the Middle Ages, when it was first spelled Barschincken. Over the centuries, it changed to Barsinchinger, Barsingher, and eventually to the modern Barshinger.

The surname can also be found spelled Barshinger, Boardshinger, Boardshinger, and Bardshiner. For many of these variants, the spelling is interchangeable depending on the region of origin. For example, some Pennsylvania families spelled it Bardshiner while some North Carolina family lines spelled it Boardshinger.

In addition, a few African American families have the surname, but due to the oppressive laws that prevented African Americans from having surnames during slave times, many of them had to adopt the last name of a white family. As a result, some of these families adopted the name Burshinger as a variation on the surname Barshinger.

In sum, the surname Barshinger has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, with some of the more commonly used spellings being Barzinger, Barschinger, Barsinger, Barshinger, Boardshinger, Boardshinger, and Bardshiner.

Famous people with the name Barshinger

  • Stuart Barshinger: American former professional basketball player
  • Wayne Barshinger: American flattop guitarist
  • Barry Barshinger: American former professional basketball player
  • P. J. Barshinger: American professional basketball player
  • Dave Barshinger: American racecar driver
  • Aaron Barshinger: American former professional basketball player
  • Bruce Barshinger: American professional drag racer
  • Gregory Barshinger: American professional football player
  • Raymond Barshinger: American passionate scholar of many topics
  • Tim Barshinger: American actor and musician
  • William Barshinger: American sports broadcaster
  • Dallas Barshinger: American professional baseball player
  • David Barshinger: American professional football coach
  • Kelly Barshinger: American stand-up comedian and actress
  • Regan Barshinger: American professional soccer player
  • Tyler Barshinger: American professional surfer

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