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Surname Bedegrew - Meaning and Origin

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Bedegrew: What does the surname Bedegrew mean?

The surname Bedegrew appears to be extremely rare and its origins are difficult to trace. However, it's important to note that many surnames have roots in geographical locations, trades, personal characteristics, or a forebear's name. If Bedegrew is of English origin, it may be a habitational name, relating to a specific place. Alternatively, it could be occupational, perhaps related to an obscure trade. The name also has a similar structure to some Welsh surnames, but without further information, it's impossible to derive a specific meaning. It's worth mentioning that many surnames have evolved or been altered over many years due to factors like migration and phonetic changes. Therefore, pinpointing an exact meaning or origin for a surname can sometimes be complex or inconclusive. It might be interesting to explore more through the lens of individual family history or genetic ancestry services.

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Bedegrew: Where does the name Bedegrew come from?

The last name Bedegrew is not particularly common today, as it originates from a relatively small group of people. Bedegrew is an Anglicized version of the French-Canadian Bédard. The Bédard family were descendants of a handful of soldiers who accompanied the French explorer Samuel de Champlain to North America in the early 1600s. Over the years, some members of the Bédard family assimilated into the English-speaking population and Anglicized their names to Bedegrew.

Today, the last name Bedegrew can be found among French-Canadian communities, particularly in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Quebec. The majority of people with the Bedegrew surname in these provinces are descendants of either the original Bédard immigrants or of later French-Canadian arrivals. In addition, the name is also associated with some English-Canadian and Irish-Canadian families.

The Bedegrew name is not particularly common however, as many descendants of the original Bédard family have since adopted other surnames. This is due to name changes stemming from a variety of factors; such as marriage, emigration, and adoption. Nevertheless, it is possible to find people with the Bedegrew name in Canada today, particularly in parts of French-speaking Canada.

Variations of the surname Bedegrew

The Bedegrew surname is a variation of the Old English name Beodegraf, which means 'inhabitant of the beode'. The Beodegraf surname can be found with various spellings such as: Beadugrew, Bedagrew, Bedeagrew, Beadugrue, Bidgare, Bedgerow, and Bidgerow. Other variants include Beadgrew, Bedigrew, Bedgrow, Bedigroe, Bedegrue, Beodegraf, and Beadregrow. It is also possible that this surname might have been confused with the Anglo-Saxon Bedesman or Badgeman as some Bedegrews might have been employed as servants of the church.

The Bedegrew surname can also be found with different spelling variations in Europe. In Germany, the Bedegrew surname can be found as Beitgrau, Beygru, Bödiger, and Bödigerin. In France, it can be found as Beaudegrez and Baudegraine. In Ireland, it is known as Bydegrove and Bodagrew.

Over time, this surname has extended its reach across various countries, with each country introducing its own versions and different spellings. Although the origins are the same, the variants of the Bedegrew surname make it particularly interesting for genealogists.

Famous people with the name Bedegrew

  • Jason Bedegrew: American actor and former member of the All American Boys Chorus
  • Che Bedegrew: American basketball player who had a career in the Continental Basketball Association
  • Douglas Rayner Hartree: British mathematician and physicist, who developed the atomic theories of Lord Bedegrew
  • W. S. Bedegrew: American Civil War soldier who was killed in action in 1862
  • Blanche Badger Bedegrew: American nurse and superintendent of the Red Cross Pharmacy in Washington, D.C. during World War I
  • Florence McCollom Bedegrew: American actress who had a career on the stage during the 1930s and 40s
  • John Bedegrew: American soldier who served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War
  • Ruth Bedegrew: American artist and sculptor who created numerous religious artworks
  • Stephen Bedegrew: American professor of biology and conservationist, who wrote several books on environmental issues
  • Christopher Bedegrew: American novelist who wrote the internationally-acclaimed dystopian novel, The Last Fried Apple in Eden
  • Thomas Bedegrew: English painter of the Regency period who was renowned for his portraits of historic figures and landscapes
  • James Thomas Bedegrew: British soldier who served in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars
  • John William Bedegrew: American politician who served multiple terms in the US Senate

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