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Surname Binkiewicz - Meaning and Origin

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Binkiewicz: What does the surname Binkiewicz mean?

The last name Binkiewicz is a Polish surname which is believed to be derived from the personal name Binko. This personal name is said to be derived from the Latin name Bonifacius, which means “good luck”. The surname Binkiewicz is found predominant in the regions of Polish regions of Swietokrzyskie, Podkarpackie, Mazowieckie, and Wielkopolska.

The Binkiewicz surname was first recorded in the church books of the province of Kielce in the early 1600s. At this time, families bearing this surname in the area were recorded as primarily peasants and farmers, and the majority practiced Roman Catholicism. The surname Binkiewicz was also known to be found in regions of Belarus in East Europe.

The name Binkiewicz is as slightly much rarer today as it was in the past. There is a town called Biechow which is shared by the surname Binkiewicz, but it is believed that a large number of people with this last name have left Poland to find a new life in other countries, including those who fled during and after World War II. This has meant that there are people with the Binkiewicz surname living all over the world.

Those who have been able to trace their ancestry through the Binkiewicz line usually claim that their families have always lived in a small region of Poland and positive that their families have embraced the Polish traditions throughout the centuries. Today, many of those still bearing the name Binkiewicz identify as proud Poles.

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Binkiewicz: Where does the name Binkiewicz come from?

The surname Binkiewicz is most commonly found today in Poland. It is a toponymic surname derived from the Polish personal name Binko. During the 1940's, many Binkiewicz people were displaced due to World War II and began to settle in various parts of the world. Initially, the majority of the Binkiewicz immigrated to the United States, Canada, and Australia. In the US, the largest concentration of Binkiewicz people can be found in Pennsylvania, followed by New York and California.

The Binkiewicz population in Poland is also growing, as it is spread through every region of the country. Additionally, the surname can be found in such countries as Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

In terms of genealogical records, the history of the Binkiewicz name dates back to as early as 1390 in the towns of Plock, Gniezno, and Kalisz, all in Poland. The earliest known ancestor of the name was Staniesarlus Binkowicz, who lived in 1390 in Plock and is one of the earliest Polish records on record.

In 2012, it was estimated that approximately 6,956 people have Binkiewicz as their surname, making it the 1,259th most common surname in the world. Today, the Binkiewicz surname is found all throughout the world, with the largest concentrations in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Poland and other European countries.

Variations of the surname Binkiewicz

The surname Binkiewicz is one of the many forms of names derived from the Polish surname Binkiewicz, which also contains various variants, spellings and surnames of the same or similar origin.

The Polish spelling of the name is Binkiewicz, although some countries may add an "s" at the end to make the name Binkiewiczes. Common alternate spellings of the name are Binkiewicz, Binkiewiecz, Binkivich, and Binkowicz.

In some cases, the "s" may even be replaced by an "o," giving the form Binkowich or Binkovitch. Other variations are Binkiwicz and Binkiewic.

In some cases, the name may get a slight spelling change depending on a person's country of origin. This could include adding an "a" at the end of the surname, so Binkiewica instead of Binkiewicz.

The surname Binkiewicz is found in several other countries, including those of the former USSR as well as the United States and Canada. These countries have used various variants and spellings of the surname with the differences due to immigration patterns and for other reasons. In many cases, out of convenience, the spelling may have been changed by the people who left Poland, which resulted in different versions of the name.

For example, in Russia, the surname is spelled Binkivitch, in Ukraine it is spelled Binkivich, and in Belarus it is spelled Binkowich. In the United States, the most common spelling is Binkiewicz, while in Canada, the name is more likely to take the form of Binkiewich or Binkiewicz.

Other versions of the surname are also in existence, such as Binckiewicz (also seen as Bynckiewicz) and Binczyc, both of which are related to the surname Binkiewicz. In addition, several other less common and unrelated surnames unrelated to the Binkiewicz family exist with slight variations in spelling, including Bincowic and Bincowicz.

Famous people with the name Binkiewicz

  • John Binkiewicz, former MLB catcher
  • Riley Binkiewicz, ICEF Professional Development Officer
  • Andry Binkiewicz, corporate strategist
  • Dave Binkiewicz, stuntman
  • MaryAnn Binkiewicz, CEO of Delta Trains
  • Michael Binkiewicz, jazz drummer
  • Steve Binkiewicz, Australian football player
  • Frank Binkiewicz, award-winning author
  • Adam Binkiewicz, filmmaker
  • Tim Binkiewicz, Polish-American television producer
  • Pete Binkiewicz, 2013 USA Weightlifting National Champion
  • Leopold Binkiewicz, Polish poet
  • Tony Binkiewicz, award-winning actor
  • Cristina Binkiewicz, film actress
  • Ted Binkiewicz, former United States Navy pilot
  • Zachary Binkiewicz, film editor
  • Julie Binkiewicz, environmental activist
  • Chris Binkiewicz, professional stand-up comedian
  • Justin Binkiewicz, professional poker player
  • Anna Binkiewicz, journalist and news anchor

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