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Surname Blanchard - Meaning and Origin

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Exploring Family Name Origins & Ancestry Through iGENEA's DNA Analysis: My Blanchard Journey

Tapping into the realm of genetics, I embarked on a journey to explore the background of my family name, Blanchard. Using iGENEA's comprehensive DNA analysis, I was able to peel back layers of history, tracing my ancestry to medieval France and even pointing towards a possible Celtic connection. The process unfolded riveting narratives about my lineage, amplifying my sense of identity.

J. Blanchard

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Blanchard: What does the surname Blanchard mean?

The last name Blanchard is a French surname derived from the old French words blanc, meaning 'white', and hardi, meaning 'bold'. It is believed to have originally been an occupational name, with the name holders often being professional whiteners of cloth.

The Blanchard family name is also derived from Middle English and Old French words relating to flour. It is thought to have originally been a name for people who either produced or sold it, such as bakers and millers.

More recently, the name has been associated with the French army. In particular, the Blanchard family is linked to Gaston de Rignac, who was the marshal of France in the late 17th Century.

As a surname, Blanchard can be found throughout France and parts of Switzerland and other French-speaking countries. Outside of these parts, the Blanchard surname is still common in North America where it is thought to have been brought over by French immigrants.

Overall, the Blanchard surname today is seen as a symbol of both bravery and industriousness, with people who bear this surname taking pride in their ancestors' accomplishments.

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Blanchard: Where does the name Blanchard come from?

The last name Blanchard is a traditionally French surname that is present today in countries throughout the world. In France, Blanchard is the 23rd most common surname. Significant populations of people with the surname live in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

In the U.S., the surname is most common in states along the Canadian border, such as Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. It is also common in American states with traditionally French influences, such as Louisiana and Michigan. Within the United Kingdom, the Blanchard surname is especially frequent in Cornwall and East Sussex.

Given its French origins, Blanchard is also an especially common surname across former French colonial regions, such as Vietnam, other parts of Southeast Asia and various countries in West and Central Africa. In Africa, the surname is prominent in Benin, Mali, Ivory Coast, and Chad.

Given its multi-continental presence, the Blanchard surname is undoubtedly very common today across the globe.

Variations of the surname Blanchard

The surname Blanchard is commonly found in several places around the world. It is generally thought to have originated in France, but is also found in other countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In French, the name is spelled with one ‘l’, but in other countries the spelling often includes two ‘l’s. Variants of the name include Blanchart, Blancard, Blancheard, Blanshard, Blasco, and Blanshards among others. There is also a similar-sounding surname, Blankard, which is more common in certain areas of Scotland.

The most common variant of the surname is the French spelling Blanchard, which is found throughout the world. In English-speaking countries, the spelling of Blanchard is often seen with two ‘l's as opposed to the French single ‘l’ form. In Scotland, the Blankard variation is more commonly used. In other countries, such as Spain and Italy, the name may take the form of Blanco while in Germany it is often spelled as Blankhardt.

No matter what variant is used, the surname Blanchard or one of its equivalent spellings can be used to denote individuals with the same origin. The spelling of the surname may differ according to the linguistic conventions of each country or region, but the meaning and origin remain the same.

Famous people with the name Blanchard

  • Ruth Blanchard: A female aviator and glider pilot who was the first to cross the continental United States in 1949.
  • Emmanuel Blanchard: French artist well known for his drawings of bouquets of flowers.
  • Warren Blanchard: English illustrator and book planner who created the Pop-up books for various publishers.
  • Arnold Blanchard: Internationally known sculptor and painter.
  • Allison Blanchard: A master wildlife artist, celebrated for her realistic northern views.
  • Maurice Blanchard: A National League baseball player who played for the New York Giants.
  • Colin Blanchard: A British serial child abuser who was jailed in 2011.
  • Victoria Blanchard: A French aeronautical engineer and diamond in the Louvre.
  • Wayde Blanchard: A Canadian mixed martial arts fighter who is former UFC titleholder.
  • Steve Blanchard: A Tony-Award winning Broadway performer, starring in multiple musicals.

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