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Surname Blazejowski - Meaning and Origin

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Blazejowski: What does the surname Blazejowski mean?

The last name Blazejowski is a Polish surname derived from the the given name Blazej (Basil). The latter is a combination of two Ancient Greek words, ‘básis’ meaning ‘basis’ or ‘foundation’, and ‘láein’ meaning ‘to wrap’ or ‘wind round.’ The surname is common in Poland and Croatia and appears to be a variant of Blazewski.

The meaning of the Blazejowski surname is associated with its origin in the given name Blazej. The combination of these two ancient Greek roots can be interpreted as the ‘basis of wrapping’ or ‘the one who wraps the foundation’. This suggests the name may have indicated an ancestor who carried out activities that involved the establishment of a foundation and the wrapping of components. In the more general interpretation, the name could imply somebody who provides stability and build strong foundations.

In summary, the last name Blazejowski is a Polish surname derived from the given name Blazej, a combination of two Ancient Greek words. The name is interpreted as the ‘basis of wrapping’ or ‘the one who wraps the foundation’, suggesting an ancestor who was involved in the establishment of a foundation and the wrapping of components. More generally, the name implies somebody who provides stability and builds strong foundations.

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Blazejowski: Where does the name Blazejowski come from?

The surname Blazejowski is most commonly found in Poland today. It is a Slavic name composed of the root word “Błazej” meaning "shining and glorious". Poland is the most populous nation in Central and Eastern Europe and lies at the heart of a region long known for its rich multiculturalism. According to the 2011 Polish census, Blazejowski is the 8,332nd most frequent family name in the country. It is most commonly concentrated in the northwest and central regions, particularly the provinces of Wielkopolska and Łódzkie.

The surname Blazejowski can also be found in some parts of Germany and in some former German states such as East Prussia, which was annexed by the Soviet Union in 1945 and its population subsequently dispersed across the USSR and Poland. Today, people with the Blazejowski surname may also have Slovak or Czech ancestry.

In terms of non-European countries, there are small populations of Polish immigrants today in North and South America, Australia, and other parts of the world; thus, it is possible to find the surname Blazejowski in these areas as well. Aside from these isolated cases, however, Blazejowski is mainly found among people of Polish descent living in Poland or areas that were previously part of the Polish state.

Variations of the surname Blazejowski

The surname Blazejowski has several different variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin.

The most common variants of Blazejowski are Blazeski, Blazynski and Blazek. These alternate spellings go as far back as medieval Poland and can be used interchangeably though Blazeski being the most common.

In addition, there are also other variations which mean slight differences in pronunciation, spelling, and sometimes a varied root meaning. These alternate spellings include Blazosky, Blazousky, Blazowsky, Blazielski, Blazouszel, and Blassekowski.

When referring to "bynames," such as Blazejowski, these are also known as the same spelling of Blazewski. This surname is used interchangeably with the variant Blazewski and Blazeski. It is also sometimes given as the name "Blazczenski" or "Blazczynski".

Finally, alternate surnames of Polish, German, and Jewish 14th and 15th century roots include Blasius, Blaszszewski, Blasiewicz, Blazki, Blahowski, Blaszewski, Blaise, and Blass.

In all its versions and spellings, the surname Blazejowski can be traced back at least five centuries to its origins in Poland.

Famous people with the name Blazejowski

  • Phil Blazejowski: basketball player, three-time All-American guard with legendary status in the college basketball world.
  • Jeff Blazejowski: college golf coach and PGA Professional.
  • Simon Blazejowski: entrepreneur and venture capitalist, founder of the Burning Man Festival.
  • John Blazejowski: Grammy-winning polka musician and conductor.
  • Richard Blazejowski: radio personality and philanthropist.
  • Marc Blazejowski: Olympic slalom skier and ski instructor.
  • Stephen Blazejowski: actor and comedian, known for his roles in several movies such as Red Sox Nation and Weekend at Bernie's 2.
  • Thomas Blazejowski: corporate attorney and former NYPD officer.
  • Joyce Blazejowski: syndicated newspaper columnist and author of The 60 Minute MBA.
  • Joseph Blazejowski: two time Emmy Award-winning sound mixer and music producer responsible for a multitude of hit records.

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