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Surname Blazevic - Meaning and Origin

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Blazevic: What does the surname Blazevic mean?

The last name Blazevic is a toponymic surname of Slavic origins, deriving from the common Slavic name Blag or Blagov, meaning 'great'. This was subsequently transliterated into Blazevic, giving an additional meaning of 'greater'. It is likely that the name was initially used to describe an individual who was great or distinguished in some way, either in character or in their cultural and social standing.

The name Blazevic is most commonly found in Serbia and Croatia, with many people of the name having been born in both countries. Historically, Serbian Blazevic families can trace their roots back to the 18th century in the northern region of Bosnia, while Croatian Blazevic families can claim descent from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with the earliest records of the name in Croatia originating from the town of Jajce in the mid-19th century.

Today, the Blazevic name is still widespread across both Serbia and Croatia, and has produced numerous noted namesakes. These include footballer Robert Blažević, who represented Yugoslavia and Serbia between the1960s and 1980s, as well as Serbian actor Filip Blažević, who has starred in a number of theatre, television and film productions since 2004.

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Blazevic: Where does the name Blazevic come from?

The last name Blazevic is primarily found in countries that were formerly part of the former Yugoslavia, including Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It could be argued that the surname Blazevic is most common in Croatia, where surnames ending in -evic are more prevalent. According to the 2016 Croatian Census, there are over 23,000 people with the Blazevic surname living in Croatia, and it is among the top 50 most common surnames in the country.

In Serbia, the last name Blazevic is slightly less common, but it is still present. It ranks as the 161st most common last name in the country. Additionally, according to the 2011 Bosnia and Herzegovina census, the Blazevic surname is present in the country, although it is not among the top 100 most common surnames.

In conclusion, the last name Blazevic is most common in Croatia, but is also present in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This distribution of the Blazevic surname reflects the former political makeup of the region, as all three countries were once part of the former Yugoslavia.

Variations of the surname Blazevic

The surname Blazevic is of origin Slavic, and is derived from the word blazen, meaning "wise". Variations of the name Blazevic include Blazevich, Blazevich, Blazevic, and Blaszewicz.

Blazevic is also a common variant of the surname Blazevich, which is a patronymic name derived from the Slavic personal name Blazo, which means "one who is radiant" or "illuminated". Other variations of Blazevich include Blazevits, Blazevitch, and Blazewicz.

The Croatian and Serbian variation of Blazevic is Blazeovic or Blazevic. In the Czech Republic, some variants of the name are Blazek and Blazkovic. In Poland, variants of the surname are Blazek, Blazkiewitz, and Blazkowicz.

In Hungary the surname is sometimes spelled Blazsovics or Blazsovszky, while in Ukraine it is sometimes spelled Blahovych or Blahovyshyn. Blazevic can also be found as a surname in Slovenia, Montenegro, and Croatia. In the United States, the most common spelling of the surname is Blazejewski.

The surname is also widespread across other Slavic countries, although it may be spelled differently due to various language and country influences. For example, in Russia the surname is sometimes spelled Blazhevich and, in Bulgaria, it is spelled Blazhev and Blazhooov. Similarly, in Serbia, the surname is sometimes spelled Blazovic, while in Bosnia, it is sometimes spelled Blazevac.

Famous people with the name Blazevic

  • Jasmina Blazevic: a Croatian pop singer, songwriter, and television presenter
  • Anto Blazevic: a Croatian football manager
  • Goran Blazevic: a Croatian football manager
  • Zdenko Blazevic: a Croatian basketball player
  • Dinko Blazevic: a Croatian former handball player
  • Miro Blazevic: a Croatian composer
  • Branko Blazevic: a Croatian former footballer and manager
  • Daniel Blazevic: a Swedish footballer
  • Heinz Blazevic: a Croatian handball player
  • Željko Blazevic: a Croatian football manager

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