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Surname Blazickova - Meaning and Origin

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Blazickova: What does the surname Blazickova mean?

The last name Blazickova is Slavic and has its origins in the Czech Republic. The surname signifies direct lineage from a man by the given name of Blazek, Blazick or Blazicky. Blazek is derived from the old Slavic word "blazit," which means "to shine." The surname is believed to have belonged to a person who was noted to be influential or important.

The Blazickova surname has a rich history in Czech and Slovak ancestry. It has been claimed that the name is derived from a Jewish line, and this is supported by the fact that Czech Jews living in Slovakia still bear the name. Some records suggest that the Blazickova line may have even extended into Ukraine and Moldova.

The Blazickova name has been passed down through generations, and has been used in place of Blazek in certain instances. Today, the surname is quite popular in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and is found in regions throughout Europe.

Blazickova is a unique and meaningful surname, one that is steeped in a rich and varied history. People with this surname are proud of their heritage and are sure to remember their lineage and carry it on for years to come.

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Blazickova: Where does the name Blazickova come from?

The last name Blazickova is most commonly found in the Czech Republic today. Blazicek is the most widespread variant of the name, which means 'son of Blazej', while Blazickova is a feminine form of the name.

Historically, the name can be traced back to a 12th-century noble family living in the area of today's Moravian-Silesian Region in the north of the Czech Republic. The family is thought to have originated from the village of Blazicek and given their name to the surrounding area.

The Blazicek family experienced significant success and wealth in the area, becoming one of the most influential noble families of the time. They held a range of influential positions in both the Catholic and Protestant Church and played an important role in military and political life in various periods and areas of the Czech Republic.

The lastname Blazickova is still common in the region today, particularly in the locale of Moravian-Silesian. Today, the family continues to be influential in the church, politics, and business in the area. Blazicek families may also be found in Slovakia, Germany, and other parts of Europe, as well as in the United States.

Variations of the surname Blazickova

The surname Blazickova is the feminized form of Blazik in the Czech and Slovak languages. The masculine variant of the name is Blazek or Blazik, while the feminized form is Blazickova or Blazkova. The name can also be spelled Blazek/Blazik/Blazick/Blazikova or Blazkova. Other variants and spellings can include Blasik/Blasick/Blasikova and Blasickova.

The suffix -ová or -ova was commonly added to surnames in Czech and Slovak languages to feminize them, since the same root name could be used for both men and women.

The surname Blazik is believed to be derived from the Slavic personal name Blaz, which means 'fiery' or 'shining.' As a result, Blazy- is thought to be an occupational name for a metalworker such as a blacksmith or goldsmith, but it may also be a toponymic name for someone who came from a place where firewood was sold, or it could also indicate someone from a place where suits of armor were made.

Other surnames and variants derived from Blazik include Blazek, Blazekova, Blazovicova, Blazovska, Blazuzzo, Blazso, Blazusok, Blazvak and Blazic. Similarly, there are several surnames with the root Blaz- that are derived from different personal names, such as Blazek/Blazic/Blazevic and Blazicic, but they are not necessarily related to Blazickova.

Finally, Blazickova can be an Americanized form of the surname family,such as Blazenko, Blazno, Blaznovic and Blazovic. The Americanized version of Blazickova could also include the variants Blazekonis, Blazovicz or Blazovic.

Famous people with the name Blazickova

  • Anna Blazickova: Anna Blazickova is a Czech Paralympic swimmer, specialising in freestyle races. She has had horrific injuries, such as losing her leg in a tram accident, but that has not stopped her from achieving success in her career. She has won multiple medals at the Paralympic Games, and she is also a four-time world champion.
  • Bozena Blazickova: Bozena Blazickova is a Czech swimmer, specialising in freestyle events. She currently holds the women's long course freestyle world record in her age group, and she has been nicknamed the ‘Lion Queen’ due to her remarkable achievements in her career.
  • Martin Blazickova: Martin Blazickova is a Czech gymnast and former Olympian. He is the 1994 European champion on the high bar event, and he won multiple medals for his country in the Olympics and the World Championships.
  • Zuzana Blazickova: Zuzana Blazickova is an actress, known for Czechoslovak New Wave films such as The Shop on Main Street (1965). She has also appeared in TV series, including Hallo, Kiki! (1970), The Moravian-Silesian Series (1980) and The Late Night Mystics (1982).
  • Blazej Blazickova: Blazej Blazickova is a Czech professional footballer, who currently plays for FC Zbrojovka Brno in the Czech top league. He was previously a member of the Czech U21 team and he has also appeared in several international matches for his country.

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