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Surname Boettger - Meaning and Origin

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Boettger: What does the surname Boettger mean?

The last name Boettger is of German and Yiddish origin. The German version derives from the words "boe" (meaning trumpet, horn) and "oehter" (meaning herald) and thus translates to "trumpet herald". The name was likely given to someone who acted as a herald or was known to play the horn.

In the Yiddish version, the word "boeytsher" is derived from the Hebrew term for butcher, and thus the name is associated with one who was in the occupation of slaughtering animals.

In Scotland, the surname Boettger was an Anglicization of the name Bootcher or Buttar, which is derived from the Old Norse term for butcher.

The earliest form of the name, recorded in Germany, was Bochier, in the twelfth century, during the Middle Ages. The name would then have been changed to Böttger in subsequent years by immigrants heading to the United States, likely to simplify the spelling.

Generally, the last name Boettger is associated with someone who was an occupational specialist, being either a trumpet herald in Germany, or butcher in Scotland and Yiddish pride. The name still remains a prominent name across Europe and North America, and can be found in both variants of its derivation.

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Boettger: Where does the name Boettger come from?

The last name Boettger is most commonly found in Germany and the United States.

Within Germany, the Boettger surname is most frequent in the eastern states of Brandenburg, Saxony, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, with the highest concentration in the town of Walsrode, Lower Saxony. Boettger is a relatively succinct surname; however, it does vary slightly depending on the region, with variants such as Boetger, Boettcher, and Böttger also appearing.

In the US, the surname is most common in New York—the largest concentration of Boettgers being in the city of Buffalo. However, it is also found in significant numbers in other states including California, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

Interestingly, the surname Boettger can be found in some Latin American countries too, and it is also popular in South Africa. With the increased mobility of modern society, the Boettger surname is slowly proliferating throughout the world, in different forms and shapes.

Variations of the surname Boettger

The surname Boettger has a few variants and spellings as well as a few alternative surnames with the same origin.

The main variant of Boettger is spelled Böttger, which is most likely the original spelling of the name. This form of the name is still used in Germany, and has been since at least the 14th century.

The anglicized version of Boettger is usually spelled with two 'T's, as in Boettger. This spelling is used mainly in the United States and other English-speaking countries, where the double 'T' is most commonly found.

The variants Boetter and Boetterger are also used, and are often found in records from Germany and the United States.

The surname Boettcher is another variant of Boettger and is most commonly found in Germany, although it is also found in other countries.

Other German surnames that have the same origin as Boettger include Bielefeld, Bode, Boettchers, Boettgering, Boettgers, Boettke, Bolger, Botchger, Botts, and Bottger.

Finally, a Swedish version of the Boettger surname is spelled Båttger. This form of the name is most commonly found in Sweden, as well as in countries with Swedish populations.

Famous people with the name Boettger

  • Eddie Boettger: American professional ice hockey player
  • Alic Boettger: English professional rugby league footballer
  • Laurin Boettger: German professional squash player
  • Marylee Boettger: American actress
  • Gerd Boettger: German nobleman and a cavalry officer in the Bavarian army
  • Chris Boettger: American professional basketball player
  • Lucas Boettger: German handball player
  • John Boettger: American soccer player
  • Leo Boettger: German mycologist
  • Johann Carl Boettger: German mineralogist, scientific illustrator, painter and merchant

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