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Surname Brooksher - Meaning and Origin

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Brooksher: What does the surname Brooksher mean?

The last name Brooksher is an English and German surname of Anglo-Saxon or German origin. It is derived from the Old English given name “broc,” which means “badger” or “the badger's lair,” combined with “-esher,” a suffix of German origin, meaning “inhabitant of.” Thus, the name Brooksher signifies someone who is an “inhabitant of the badger’s lair.” It could also have referred to someone who kept badgers before the practice was outlawed in the 19th century.

The name Brooksher has existed in England since at least the early 16th century, when a man by the name of Robert Rokebrocshyr was recorded as living in Gloucestershire. Over time, the spelling of the name evolved to variants such as Brookshire, Brocksher, and Brooksher.

Brooksher is quite an uncommon name, with approximately 1,000 people bearing this surname worldwide, making it quite rare. It is most prevalent in the United States, with the highest concentration of people bearing the name living in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Georgia. It has also spread further afield to Canada, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

The Brookshers of today can trace their lineage to a determined family that strived to take advantage of the opportunities that came their way and sought a better life for themselves and their descendants.

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Brooksher: Where does the name Brooksher come from?

The surname Brooksher is not common today. It is believed to be of English origin and derived from the Middle English personal name Broik/Brooke which means "brook" or "stream". It is understood to be a topographical name for someone who lived by a stream. There is also some evidence of it being a variant of Brakener which could have two origins. One being British-Celtic and the other being German/Jewish.

This surname can now be found most commonly in the United States of America. It is likely that members of the family migrated to the US in the 19th century. It is also thought to have spread across Canada, Britain, and Australia.

The Brooksher surname can be found today in familial lines stretching across multiple countries and cultures such as England, Wales, Scotland, Canada, and the United States. The highest concentration of Brooksher family members can be found within the US, where you are likely to find the surname in several states. These states include Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, New York, South Carolina, and Texas.

Despite its international spread, the Brooksher surname is not as common today as it once was. Records indicate that the surname has decreased in popularity over time. This could be due to a variety of factors including immigration, marriage patterns, and surname changes or variations.

Variations of the surname Brooksher

Brooksher is a rare surname of English origin, and is derived from the Middle English brooksheer or brookshire, meaning ‘of the brookshire or wood’. The surname is thought to be related to the Old English noun broc, meaning badger, and is believed to be associated with someone who lived near or in a wooded area of badgers. Brooksher may also be spelled Brookshire or Brookshier.

Variations of the Brooksher surname include Brookshier, Brooksheer, Brookshaer, and Brookshear. The surname may also have been spelled Brooksher, Brooksheer, Brookshure, Brooksherre, Brookshirer, Brookshere, Brookshall, and Brookshine.

Surnames related to Brooksher include Brocksher, Brockshire, Brockheer, Brockharr, Brokkheer, Brooker, Broker, and Brookover. Brock is a possible alternate spelling of Brooks or Brook, and may be found as a surname. The name Brocksher may be derived from a nickname given to someone who lived near a brook, woods, or swamp, and was used to describe someone who was wise and was strong or brave.

Other variants may include Brookhiser, Brookheer, Brookhuer, Brookhust, Brookholt, Brockhoft, Brooker, Brookhart, and Brockshust. Variants in other languages may include Brugère and Broucard in French, Bröker or Bröckers in German, and Brógueser in Spanish.

Famous people with the name Brooksher

  • Bret D. Brooksher: American lawyer who served as a Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court from 2003-2011.
  • Mike Brooksher: American businessman and former chairman of the board of directors for Verizon Wireless.
  • Sharon Brooksher: American author and former journalist.
  • Jim Brooksher: English cricket umpire and former professional player.
  • George E. Brooksher: American aviator and former Colonel in the United States Air Force.
  • Joey Brooksher: American football player and former starting quarterback for the University of Central Florida.
  • Paul Brooksher: American soccer player and former defender with the Tampa Bay Mutiny.
  • Noah Brooksher: American singer and former lead singer of the band Fiction Plane.
  • Billy Brooksher: American musician, singer, and songwriter.
  • Marcus Brooksher: American actor known for his roles in films and television.

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