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Surname Butgereidt - Meaning and Origin

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Butgereidt: What does the surname Butgereidt mean?

The last name Butgereidt is primarily found in Germany and is of Germanic origin. The name is derived from the Germanic words Butger, meaning 'baker', and Eidt, meaning 'home'. Together, the name can be translated as 'baker's home', an occupation that was highly respected and often associated with quality items.

The original family members were likely 'bakers of breads', though the name could also be derived from a brewery or other food-related business. Most likely, the family members who bore the last name were part of a well-known and respected family of bakers.

Historically, the Germanic peoples had great respect for the bakers who provided them with sustenance. It would have been very prestigious to bear the last name of Butgereidt, denoting a family of respected bakers. This last name was likely taken on by members of an established business many generations ago and has since been passed down through the family. To this day, the Butgereidt name is still associated with quality and prestige.

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Butgereidt: Where does the name Butgereidt come from?

The last name Butgereidt is relatively rare, and does not appear to be concentrated in any one particular country or region. In researching the name, it appears that there are some clusters of the name in Germany, Austria, and Scandinavia.

The surname Butgereidt appears to be German in origin. This would likely be a version of Büttger, which is the surname of the English Doctor and Astronomer James Alfred Bode. The name Bode is derived from the Old German word 'budiga' or 'budon', which means 'ready' or 'prompt'. It is likely that Butgereidt was a variation of this surname which emerged in parts of Germany and Austria.

Another possible origin of the name could be the Polish surname Bąk or Bućka, both of which are derived from a root word which means ‘Enjoyment’. It is possible that the name Butgereidt was an adaptation of this name which made its way into the German speaking realm.

Although present in Germany and Austria, it does not appear to be a particularly common name nowadays. In the United States, the name appears in only a few isolated clusters, with the primary concentrations being in Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, and North and South Dakota. There are some smaller pockets scattered throughout the United States as well.

In Scandinavia, it appears that the name is relatively uncommon. Denmark appears to have only two people with the surname, and the same is true for Sweden. Norway appears to have the most concentration of the surname, with the most common regions being Akershus, Trøndelag, and Rogaland.

Overall, the surname Butgereidt is fairly uncommon, with few concentrations currently existing in any one country or region.

Variations of the surname Butgereidt

The surname Butgereidt is of Ashkenazi Jewish origin, and has two main variants: Butger and Bugger. It is also spelt as Bütger, Butgreidt and Butgereid in some cases.

The Germanized form of this surname is Bütger, which is derived from the Yiddish word bogey, meaning "a slanderer". This is usually used in the United States. In this form, it is usually spelt with an umlaut in place of the double T.

In addition to the two variants of the surname Butgereidt, other related spellings include Butgreidt and Butgereid. All of these variations are derived from the same root, "Butger": Butger + eid and Butger + reid. This change is likely a result of German orthography and pronounciation, and could explain the variations in spelling.

Other surnames of the same origin include Bogereid, Buchreid, and Buchereidt. The surname Buchreid is derived from the German word buch for "book".

In addition to the various spellings discussed above, the surname Butgereidt can also take on a different form when anglicised. It is common to shorten the second syllable of the surname from "ger-eidt" to "gere". This forms the variant surname Butgere, a spelling which has become popular in the United States.

Although the origin of the surname Butgereidt is still unclear, due to its widespread nature, it is likely that numerous variants of this name exist. No matter its spelling, however, it is clear that the surname is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

Famous people with the name Butgereidt

  • James Butgereidt: American international soccer player, who played for the Stockport County in the National League.
  • Paul Butgereidt: Swiss singer-songwriter also known as Bruno Burner.
  • Will Butgereidt: 19th century German author and literary critic.
  • Pauline Butgereidt: Swiss operatic soprano, best known for her performances in works like La Bohème and Les Contes d’Hoffmann.
  • Thomas Butgereidt: German director and actor who directed various films in the 1940s including the musical comedy comedy Ich klage an.
  • Ernest Butgereidt: Austrian actor from the 1920s, mainly appearing in operettas.
  • Alberta Butgereidt: 20th century German actress known for her recurring appearances in German movies such as Fritz Lang's M.
  • Joseph Butgereidt: 20th century American dancer and choreographer, who was a founding member of the Ballets Russes of Monte Carlo.
  • Carl Butgereidt: German actor, appearing in a variety of stage and screen roles in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Christine Butgereidt: American novelist and author of various children's books, playwright and lecturer.

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