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Surname Butgereit - Meaning and Origin

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Butgereit: What does the surname Butgereit mean?

The last name Butgereit is of German origin and is derived from the Old German personal name “Butger,” which is thought to have derived from "Buddo," which means “leader” or “lord.” The name Butgereit translates to the “leader’s estate.” The name originated as a name denoting the estate of the leader. It was likely given to families who held a position of responsibility or prominence in their community.

It is believed the name was likely first found among the Germanic tribes that moved into the region along the Rhine River that separates Germany from France. Many of these tribal names evolved over time and the Butgereit surname was likely no exception.

The surname Butgereit is most likely found throughout Germany, the Netherlands, and the German communities found in other areas of Europe. Most commonly, those with the Butgereit surname are likely to have kept it for generations, as it is a respected and long-standing name. Those who still bear the name today can trace their family history back to these Germanic tribes, and can be proud of their ancestral roots.

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Butgereit: Where does the name Butgereit come from?

The last name Butgereit is most commonly found within the countries that make up the former East German states. It is common in the German states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia, and in the western parts of Poland and small pockets of northern Czech Republic. It is also found in a smattering of countries that were formerly part of the German Empire, such as Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

The origin of the name is derived from Butger, which is thought to be a combination of the Germanic names Bud, meaning “battle” and Ger, meaning “spear”. This implies that people with this surname may have been warriors or a respected military family in ancient times. The addition of ‘eit’ at the end of the name indicates that the bearer was once the head of a family or clan.

Butgereit is an uncommon last name, but is still found in some parts of the world. The number of individuals with this name has declined since World War II as the East German states merged with the West and families moved. Butgereit’s are mostly settled in the same areas that they originated from.

Variations of the surname Butgereit

Butgereit is a surname of German and Dutch origin. It is derived from a combination of the two German words, "buttel" meaning "bag" or "container" and "gereit" meaning "ready." Thus, Butgereit means "ready bag," likely referring to some kind of merchant or carrier.

Common variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Butgereit include:

• Butgereit: This is the most common spelling of the name and is easily found in records from Germany and the Netherlands.

• Buttegreit: This variant of the name is also common in German records.

• Butgreit: This is a variation of the name that is more common in Dutch records.

• Butgrit: This is another spelling of the name found in Dutch records.

• Butegreit: This is a rare variant of the name found in Dutch records.

• Butger: This is a surname of the same origin as Butgereit, but is more often found in records from the Netherlands than Germany.

• Butgoey: Found in records from the Netherlands, this is likely a short form of the original surname Butgereit.

• Putgrit: Another variant of the name found in Dutch records.

• Putegreit: A rare Dutch variant of the name.

• Butagreit: This is a rare variant of the name found in records from Germany.

• Putger: This is a variant of the name found in records from the Netherlands.

Famous people with the name Butgereit

  • Matthias Butgereit: German footballer who currently plays as a forward/striker for Dynamo Dresden.
  • Uwe Butgereit: German football coach and former player for the German Bundesliga.
  • Madeline Butgereit: American professional ballet dancer and former principal at the Orlando Ballet.
  • Mark Butgereit: Canadian children's author and illustrator who has published several books and constructed a series of murals in public spaces.
  • Thorsten Butgereit: German engineer at the Volkswagen Group who graduated from the University of Karlsruhe and works in the Powertrain Engine and Exhaust Emission Technology Development division.
  • Christiane Butgereit: German artist specializing in paper reliefs, three-dimensional objects and installations.
  • Julian Butgereit: German-American filmmaker, composer and musician known for his Hollywood films such as Die Tödliche Freundin (1995) and Die Teufelserbin (1999).
  • Peter Butgereit: German film and stage actor who has appeared in numerous theater and television productions.
  • Marlies Butgereit: German actress, radio host, author and theatre director.
  • Horst Butgereit: German composer, conductor and choir director born in Berlin and well known for his choral music works.

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