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Surname Butgereitt - Meaning and Origin

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Butgereitt: What does the surname Butgereitt mean?

Butgereitt is a German surname that is derived from the Middle High German word "butger", which translates into English as "innkeeper" or "host". This suggests that the original bearer of this name was either an innkeeper or a host of a banquet or event.

The origin of this name likely dates back to the medieval period when small villages and hamlets were beginning to form. In those days, inns were important places, providing a place to sleep, get a meal, or even make deals. It was here that merchants, travelers, and even soldiers would go when passing through a new area. The proprietors of these establishments were trusted and respected members of the community; many of them became wealthy in the process. It is likely that one of these innkeepers influenced the original bearer of the surname Butgereitt.

Over time, this family name has become more widespread and is no longer associated with innkeeping. Today, it is a distinct and unique surname that has been carried over many generations. Although the original meaning of the name has been lost to time, its presence serves as a reminder of the important role innkeepers played in the development of European towns and villages.

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Butgereitt: Where does the name Butgereitt come from?

The last name Butgereitt is most commonly found in Germany today. This is due to its German origin. It has been found to be more frequently used in the northwestern region of the country. The name appears in records as far back as the 16th century and may be derived from the German word 'Bütger', meaning 'pitman', 'tradesman' or 'workman'. It is typically associated with the trades, skilled labour and craftsmanship.

Butgereitts have left their mark by contributing to German industry and development over the centuries, particularly in parts of the Germany such as North Rhine-Westphalia and the Lower Rhine region. Many who have the surname can trace their lineage to the Bütgereit family of Rheinfelden, a municipality in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The rise of industry in this region during the 19th and 20th centuries saw many members of the family step forward in the successful estates, mills and other industries.

In more recent times, the prevalence of the surname has gradually decreased, and it now appears to be largely localized to the region where its origin has been traced. Nevertheless, its impact on the surrounding areas remains clear. This is evidenced by the numerous places that were formerly known as Butgereitt locations, such as Butgereitt Castle and Butgereitt’s Mill.

Variations of the surname Butgereitt

Butgereitt is a German surname of uncertain origin. It likely originated in the Middle Ages and is derived from Butiger which means “butter-making”. The surname has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include:

Butgier or Butger -- This variant is a reduction of the original spelling of the surname, And also became the surname of a butler at the castle of Helloheim in Southern Germany.

Butgratz -- This variant is the result of a spelling variation of Butger, but the literal meaning remains the same.

Butgereit -- This variant is a combination of the words “butger” and “reit”, meaning “ride”, hence the literal meaning “butter-maker on ride”.

Butgerott -- This variant is derived from the medieval German spelling of Butger, but with the letter “t” added.

Butgerocy -- Another spelling variation of Butger.

Butgratzky -- A variation of Butgratz.

Butgerd -- A variant of Butger which is a combination of the words “butger” and “d”, meaning “butter-maker and some other characteristic”.

Butgerer -- A form of Butger combined with “er”,meaning “one who does” or “worker”.

Butgeran -- A combination of Butger and “an,” which is an old Germanic way of indicating that a person is descended from a certain place.

Butgerling -- This variant is a combination of “butger” and “ling” meaning “little one”.

The surname also has several derivatives, such as:

Butgerin -- This is derived from Butger’s female variant "Butgerin" meaning “female butter-maker”.

Butgermann -- This is derived from Butger with a suffix "man" meaning “man of butter-making”.

Butgerpfadt -- This is derived from “Butger” and “pfadt”, meaning “butter-maker from Padua”.

Butgerhofer -- A combination of “Butger” and “hofer”, meaning “butter-maker from Hof”.

Butgersen -- A combination of “Butger” and “sen”, meaning “butter-maker from Senn”.

Butgersohn -- This is derived from “Butger” and “sohn”, meaning “son of butter maker”.

Butgerly -- A combination of Butger and “ly”, meaning “family of butter-maker”.

Butgermeyer -- This is derived from “Butger” and “meyer”, meaning “butter-maker from Meyer”.

Famous people with the name Butgereitt

  • Karl Butgereitt (1881-1934), German musician and composer, known for his Allegretto for strings in F major.
  • Christian Butgereitt (1878-1930), German physicist and inventor, he published several works in electricity and electronics, the most famous being his treatise on electrical transformers in 1906.
  • Rudolf Butgereitt (1907-1952), German playwright and essayist, known for his works about the problems of World War II era Germany, especially his play “The Third Reich” (1946).
  • Fritz Butgereitt (1903-1985), German physicist, he was a leading figure in the field of quantum mechanics, and he developed a model for the structure of the universe.
  • Kai Butgereitt (1915-1986), German businessman, he was the founder of “Butgereitt Industries”, one of the largest companies in Germany during the post-WWII era.
  • Gerda Butgereitt (1928-2010), German politician, she was a strong advocate for women's rights, and she was instrumental in the adoption of the equal opportunities law in 1971.
  • Hans-Jürgen Butgereitt (born 1935), German architect, his design for the Kölnwest Tower in Cologne (1965) is considered to be a defining landmark for the modern era of German architecture.
  • Dorothee Butgereitt (born 1956), German media entrepreneur, she is the founder and CEO of KulturNetz Magazine, one of the most important online magazines in Germany.
  • Herwig Butgereitt (born 1960), German artist, he is known for his abstract paintings, which explore the dynamics of light and color in various media.

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