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Unraveling the Intriguing Spanish Roots and Sephardic Connection of the Surname Cabrera through iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Cabrera

Diving into my ancestral roots via an iGENEA DNA test was an eye-opening journey. The scientific findings offered remarkable insights, particularly about my surname Cabrera. The results reveal a deep Spanish lineage with an intriguing link to Sephardic Jewish ancestry, associated with the R-Z220 haplogroup, traceable to Western Europe.

I was always fascinated by the notion of tracing my roots and understanding my ancestry. Hence, I decided to take an iGENEA DNA test. I've always held a profound curiosity about my surname, Cabrera. Recently, I took the plunge and delved deep into this quest. The scientific findings from my DNA analysis have been astounding and far beyond my expectations.

According to the report, my last name 'Cabrera' traces back to an ancient Spanish lineage. The roots run deep in Iberia and its descendants have been scattered throughout Latin America, especially in Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and other Spanish-speaking countries due to the colonization process over centuries. The name Cabrera literally suggests 'a place with goats', often referring to people who either lived in such places or perhaps were involved in goat farming.

Interestingly, the iGENEA DNA test result pinpointed that there is a trace of Sephardic Jewish ancestry in my lineage. The Sephardic Jews were once a massive community in Spain before their expulsion in 1492. Some of these Jews converted to Christianity and merged with the local populace, tissue connecting with the name Cabrera.

Furthermore, the haplogroup I was assigned to is R-Z220, a branch of the R1b haplogroup. This haplogroup is prevalent in Western Europe, most notably in Spain, and is associated with the Indo-European languages' spread. This was compelling evidence of the deep Spanish roots tied to my surname.

The DNA test result has been a riveting journey, throwing light on my Sephardic Jewish ancestry and reaffirming the Spanish roots held by the Cabrera lineage. This journey has opened new territories and has urged me to delve deeper into my family history.

S. Cabrera

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