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Surname Caddy - Meaning and Origin

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Caddy: What does the surname Caddy mean?

The last name Caddy is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is a variant of the surname "Cady." It is believed to have originated from a Medieval given name, Cad(d)ie, which was a pet form of the personal names Cuthbert or Cadwallader. The name Cuthbert originates from the old English words "cuth" meaning "famous" and "beorht" meaning "bright." On the other hand, Cadwallader is a Welsh name meaning "battle leader".

Another possible origin of the name Caddy could be occupational, deriving from "cady" or "cadeau" in Old French, implying a person who delivered cadeaux or gifts. In some cases, it may also be geographical, referring to those who lived in the village of Catteye in Sussex, England, or Cadhay in Devon.

The name Caddy has many different spellings, including Cade, Cady, Caddy, Caddey, Caddie, and several others. It is worth noting that many people with similar spellings may not be related, as the last name could have been adopted by different people independently for various reasons.

It is always possible that individuals bearing the same last name might not share a common ancestor, particularly when the name has different fusion points from personal names, occupations, geography, among others.

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Caddy: Where does the name Caddy come from?

The surname Caddy has English origin, deriving from a diminutive form of the personal name Cadd. This was a medieval nickname from the Welsh “cad”, meaning battle. The "y" suffix in Old English conveyed 'small' or 'little', thus "Caddy" could roughly translate to "little warrior."

The surname first appeared in Cornwall, Southern England, where the Caddy family held family seat as Lords of the Manor. The earliest recorded instance was that of John Cady in the "Poll Tax Returns of Yorkshire," dated 1379. During the 17th century, many families migrated to America due to political and religious turmoil in England.

Today, the surname is most common in the United States, with a significant presence in England as well. According to Forebears, as of 2014, the highest frequency of the surname was found in Australia, specifically in the state of South Australia. Other places with high concentrations include England, Scotland, and Canada. However, in terms of the total number of people with the surname, England tops the chart followed by United States and Australia.

Variations of the surname Caddy

The surname Caddy is of English origin and has several variants and associated surnames. Some of these alternatives include Cady, Cadie, Caddie, and Caddey. Historically, the surname was also often rendered in different ways due to phonetic translations and varying regional dialects.

In records, Caddy may also be found written as Cadey, Caddye, or even Caddee. Some families may have adapted the spelling over time, adding or dropping letters to fit into a new cultural context or to distance themselves from certain associations. An example of this can be seen with the names Caddye or Cadee which might have been altered to Caddy or Caddy.

The surname Caddy can actually be traced back to the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. It was originally a name given to a person who was known as Cade, a pet form of the personal names Cadell or Cadda. Hence, it can also be affiliated to the aforementioned ancient personal names.

Overall, numerous spelling variations are a hallmark of Anglo Norman names. It is also important to note that the spelling variations generally do not change the origin and basic meaning of the surnames.

Famous people with the name Caddy

  • Richard Caddy: A prominent physicist known for his contributions to the field of optical fiber communications.
  • Andy Caddy: A key figure in the IT industry in the UK, he has held Chief Information Officer roles at various firms, including EasyJet and Virgin Active.
  • Anthony Caddy: A former cricketer who played for the English county team Derbyshire in the mid-20th century.
  • Chrisann Caddy: A strategist and business development executive in the Healthcare sector in the UK.
  • George Caddy: An Australian photographer known for his remarkable snapshots of beach culture in the mid-century. His work was rediscovered in 2007, and his images were then exhibited around Australia.
  • Phil Caddy: An Australian footballer who played for Collingwood in the Victorian Football League during the 1960s. Please note that while these individuals carry the Caddy surname and have achieved recognition in their respective fields, they may not be "famous" in the celebrity sense.

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