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Surname Caddell - Meaning and Origin

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Caddell: What does the surname Caddell mean?

The surname Caddell is of Scottish origin and is derived from the Old Gaelic name Mac Cadail. It comes from the Gaelic personal name Cadall, which is interpreted to mean “warlike” or “noble.” Historically, the Caddell surname was first found in Ayrshire, an area of Scotland located on the Southwestern coast.

The Caddell surname is found in records dating back to 13th century Scotland, when it was primarily borne by families living in Ayrshire. This surname was then found in the form of MacCadwell or McCadil, both of which were later Anglicized to the spelling of Caddell. From Scotland, the Caddell surname was taken to Northern Ireland in 1613 during the Plantation of Ulster, where the name became numerous in the provinces of Antrim, Derry, and Tyrone.

The earliest records of the Caddell surname in England date back to 1840, where it was found in Suffolk, England. From here, the Caddell surname was widespread throughout the south of England, particularly in Hampshire, London and the cities of Birmingham and Manchester.

The Caddell surname is still predominantly found in Scotland and Northern Ireland today. In Scotland, it is most common in the areas of Stirlingshire, Ayrshire, and Orkney, while in Northern Ireland it is particularly common in counties Down and Antrim. The Caddell surname is also common among immigrants and their descendants in the US, Canada, and other parts of the world.

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Caddell: Where does the name Caddell come from?

The last name Caddell is most commonly found in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In the UK it is mainly associated with England, particularly South West England, and Scotland. In Ireland it is found mainly in the province of Ulster.

In England the Caddell surname is found in Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Somerset, with Cornish being the largest concentration of Caddells. Within Cornwall the surname is found mostly in the Penzance and St. Ives areas.

The surname has also spread elsewhere, however. There are a few Caddells in the United States and Canada, mostly descended from 19th century immigrants. Caddell’s can also be found in Australia, New Zealand and even as far away as South Africa.

The most common variant of the Caddell surname is Cadell, with variations such as Cadwell, Caudwell and Cadwallader also being found abroad.

The surname is derived from the old English word ‘caedw’, meaning ‘whelp’ or ‘caedel’, meaning ‘little fighter’. Due to this, the Caddell surname has been suggested as having its roots in Viking ancestry. However, other etymological explanations also exist.

The Caddell surname is still in common use today, mostly in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but also abroad. The different spellings of the surname are scattered throughout the world, and attest to the resilience of the Caddell family over the centuries.

Variations of the surname Caddell

The surname Caddell is of English origin. It is an habitational name derived from Cadwell in the county of Bedfordshire, or from Caldwell in Durham. Variants and other spellings of the surname include Caddell, Cadwell, Caldwell, Caldwill, Caldouell, Caldouel, Caudwell, Cauldwell, Cawdwell, and Cawdell.

In some cases, the spelling of the surname Caddell has been changed through the years and localized forms of the name have been adopted. For example, surnames formed by adding a French-language suffix, such as "-eau" for persons in the Picardy region of France, have become popular for Caddell-descended families. Additionally, in Ireland, Caddell families typically assumed the surname MacCaddell or MacCadwell.

There are also cases of anglicization of the surname Caddell in other countries; for example, immigrants to the United States often changed their surname to Cadell or Cadel. In Spain, some versions of the surname have been transformed into Cadelo and the Italian version is Cadillo.

The Caddell surname is shared by several notable people. These include English actor Robert Caddell, British comedian and actor Graham Caddell, and Irish writer and professor Terry Caddell.

Famous people with the name Caddell

  • Eddie Caddell: An American motion picture stuntman and actor.
  • Mark Caddell: A British sculptor and installation artist who was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1997.
  • Andy Caddell: A former New Zealand professional rugby league footballer, playing for the Mt Albert Lions and New Zealand Māori sides.
  • Chez Caddell: A British punk rock musician and guitarist who recorded and toured with a number of bands throughout the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Momma Cherri: Real name Chris Caddell, a British television chef and restaurateur.
  • Cheo Coker: Real name Cecil L Caddell, an American television producer and writer.
  • William Caddell: An English footballer who played for Bolton Wanderers in the 1880s.
  • Gary Caddell: An American painter and muralist.
  • Jan Caddell: A British actress best known for her role in the BBC One soap opera Doctors.
  • Jack Caddell: An English footballer who notably played for Charlton Athletic FC in the 1950s.

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