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Surname Car - Meaning and Origin

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Car: What does the surname Car mean?

The last name Car is of Welsh origin, derived from the Welsh noun 'carr' which means 'rock.' Therefore, the surname most likely originated as a topographic name for someone who lived near a distinctive rock, or perhaps a metonymic occupational name for a quarryman or stonecutter. The name can also be of English origin, born by people living near a marsh or fen. Alternatively, the surname Car could be of Irish origin, derived from 'Ó Ceara,' a personal name meaning 'sorrowful.' In this context, it would have been used as a byname for a gloomy or fretful person. Therefore, the meaning varies depending on the cultural or regional lineage.

Car: Where does the name Car come from?

The surname Car is an ancient Scottish name that originates from the region of West Lothian. The name is thought to be derived from the old Celtic word "Carr" which means "rock" or "stone". It was often used to denote those who lived near rocky outcrops or terrains. In terms of spread and frequency today, it's quite uncommon and spread thinly worldwide. According to genealogical data, the highest concentration of the Car surname is in Ireland, followed by Australia and England. Its presence in Scotland has decreased over the centuries, but remnants can still be found there. Despite this distribution, it’s still rather rare in all these countries. As per numerical strength, the United States has the largest number of people with the Car surname due to the broader population base. In summary, the surname Car has origin in Scotland, but due to migration and other demographic factors, it's now mainly found in Ireland, Australia, England, the USA, but in all these places, it's rare.

Variations of the surname Car

The surname Car can have multiple derivatives and variations according to different languages, regions, and spelling changes over time. Some of the numerous versions include Carr, Karr, McCar, O'Car, Carre, Kerr, Kehr, Ker, Kerre, Kear, Keir, Kihr, Kar, Kaar, Karre, Caar, Karra, and Kharr.

As a surname of the same origin, it is vital to note that this name may be linked to different ancestral origins, such as Scottish, Irish, German, and even Scandinavian, depending on the spelling.

The surname Carr, for instance, has its English origin from the Old Norse ‘kjarr,’ which means a marsh. Meanwhile, the Scottish and Irish version Carr can also be a reduced form of McCar. The name Kerr is another variant prevalent in Scotland. In German-speaking regions, Karr, Kerr, or Kehr may be more common.

While variations of the surname Car might have stemmed from different origins, the majority are primarily recognized as topographic names for someone who lived near a marsh or fen, many of which have now turned into modern day towns and cities.

Famous people with the name Car

  • David Carradine: Actor
  • James Carville: Political Consultant and Commentator
  • Vince Carter: NBA Star
  • Gary Carter: Major League Baseball Player
  • David Caruso: Actor
  • Riccardo Carudo: Actor
  • Nicky Caruso: Actress
  • John Carradine: Actor
  • Mario Andretti: Race Car Driver
  • Christine Car: Actress
  • Thandie Newton: Actress
  • Antonio Carluccio: Chef
  • Joe Carney: Actor
  • Matt Carpenter: MLB Player
  • Aaron Carter: Musician
  • Ryan Carr: Professional Soccer Player
  • Dan Carlin: Radio Host
  • Steven Carrington: Actor
  • Clive Carpenter: Actor
  • Cazwell: Musician

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