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Surname Conce - Meaning and Origin

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Conce: What does the surname Conce mean?

The last name Conce is of Spanish origin and is likely derived from the Spanish word "concejo," meaning "council." The name originates from places in Spain that had a council building or the name of a municipality. It likely began as a habitational name, used to note a person from the places that the name refers to.

Due to its long history, the Conce family has a few variations. In Spain, it is found in its original form, which is Conce, as well as Concepción and Concejo while in Latin American countries such as Mexico, it can also be found as Conse or Consejo. Conce is also a popular surname in the United States.

The Conce family has its roots in several countries with a long and rich history. It is associated with nobility, loyalty and strength, as these are likely traits that were seen in the Conce family throughout its history. Thus, many people with this last name are proud to be a part of it and continue to honor the legacy of the Conce family.

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Conce: Where does the name Conce come from?

The last name Conce is most commonly found in Spain today. Spanish records indicate that the Conce surname is derived from the Latin phrase “concedere”, which means “to give.” This suggests that many ancestors who carried this surname were given something, or received a special gift from a higher authority. The name’s appearance is most common in Northern and Central Spain about 400 years ago.

Today, Conce is still a popular and common last name in this region. Conce is especially prominent in Cantabria, a coastal region in the province of Castilla y León. Though Conce is still scarce in other parts of the world, some individuals with the last name Conce have found their way to countries like the United States, France, and even Chile.

It is not clear what the original bearer of the Conce surname might have done to receive the “gift” that may have been the origin of the name. But it is clear that the Conce last name has been around for centuries, and remains an important part of Spanish heritage today.

Variations of the surname Conce

The surname Conce is a variant of French origin and it can be spelt and pronounced in many different ways, all having the same meaning. It is commonly spelt as Cone, but other variations include Caunce, Caunsee, Cones, Coneys, Coins and Coans. The spelling Conce is also used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In France, Conce was a nickname for someone with a conical shaped head, so it could be assumed that those with this surname are descended from people with this physical attribute.

The spelling Cone is more common in its English and American forms, as the original French spelling reflects the French language. Variants of the word in the English language include Cone, Cones, Coneys, Coins and Coans.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the surname is spelt and pronounced differently but still has the same meaning – usually as Konce and Kaunsee in German, and Konse in Austria.

In Scotland and Ireland, the surnames are sometimes spelt and pronounced Conn, Cony and Concey – all being variants of the same name.

The variations of Conce can also be found in some rarer surnames such as Coonce, Coonzee, Consey, Counce, Cowce and Cowzee.

In summary, Conce is a surname of French origin which has since evolved and been adapted into various languages and cultures, adapting spellings and pronunciation accordingly.

Famous people with the name Conce

  • Catalina Alvarez Conce, Uruguayan-born writer
  • Debbie Conce, American documentary filmmaker
  • Emanuel Conce, Puerto Rican music composer and producer
  • Max Conce, Venezuelan singer and songwriter
  • Alejandro Konce, Chilean actor and comedian
  • Víctor Conce, Chilean footballer
  • Teófilo Conce, Brazilian Olympic swimmer
  • Rosita Hurtado de Conce, First Lady of Chile
  • Macarena Conce, Chilean singer
  • Maggie Conce, Costa Rican actress, singer and songwriter

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