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Surname Concannon - Meaning and Origin

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Concannon: What does the surname Concannon mean?

The last name Concannon is of Irish origin. The surname is derived from the Gaelic words ‘con’ meaning a hound or wolf and ‘canon’ meaning a proud and strong leader. Together, this was taken to mean ‘Champion of the Packs’.

This name is most commonly found in County Mayo, Ireland, but can also be found in much smaller numbers in the surrounding areas. The Concannon surname is typical of the region and is one of the oldest Irish clans.

The earliest known record of the Concannon name dates to the year 1690 in Ballyhaunis, County Mayo, Ireland. The name is related to the Gaelic O’Cuincheannaigh, which can also be spelled O’Coingheannaigh.

Throughout the ages, there have been many famous people to carry the Concannon name. Of note, Patrick J. Concannon was an American politician in Pennsylvania, and Teresa Concannon was a doctor and the president of the New York Academy of Medicine.

The Concannons have spread far and wide, not only to different parts of Ireland, but to different parts of the World. That famously friendly Irish spirit has certainly gone the distance.

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Concannon: Where does the name Concannon come from?

The last name Concannon is a modern day Irish surname, originating from the Gaelic surname Mac Conchinn. The surname is thought to have originated in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, in the 15th century. Today, the Concannon surname is prevalent throughout the Emerald Isle, with concentrations in counties Dublin, Mayo, Cork, Waterford, Sligo, and Donegal. The surname is common throughout the United Kingdom, as well as the United States and Canada, where large numbers of Irish immigrants settled in the 1800s. In the United States, the Concannon surname is especially strong in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.

Due to large numbers of emigrants from Ireland, the Concannon name can be found all around the world. Variations of the surname such as O’Concannon, Koncannon, and Conchannon are also very common, most likely as a result of the Anglicization of Gaelic surnames following the various waves of Irish migration throughout history.

In more modern history, the surname has been made famous by the likes of various celebrities such as Hollywood actress Mazieke Concannon and former American football star Chris Concannon. The surname is also widely known from the famous winery Concannon Vineyard in Livermore, California, founded by James Concannon in 1883.

Variations of the surname Concannon

The surname Concannon is an Irish surname and has numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Variations of the name include Cunnigan, Cunnagain, Cunnane, Cunigan, Concagen, Conegan, Conegin, Condagen, and Condign. Spellings of the name are often seen as Concanon, Conacane, Conacan, Concagnon, Cunningane, Cungane, Cunnegan, and Cunnignan.

Surnames which are of the same origin as Concannon include McCann, Connaughton, Conaughton, Counihan, Conehan, Conehan, Conneen, Connaughan, Counahan, Conihan, Cunane, Cunninghan, Connaghan, Connaughon, and Connaghan.

There are a variety of pronunciations of the name as well, including Kon-gan-nũn, Kũn-gan-nũn, Kũ-ne-gũn, Kũ-ne-gan, Kon-kan-en, and Kon-kũn-e-gan.

The name is also found in Irish Gaelic, or Gaeilge, as Con Canna, which translates to the 'hound's hugging' or 'dog's loving'. While the name has no direct translation, it’s what’s interpreted from the given descriptive meaning.

The name has been found in many forms in records such as Granuaile- The Pirate Queen, as Concannon is the translation of a word used by her to describe a place, and records belonging to the St. Patrick’s church records of 1630 as well.

In addition, the name is found in old land grants in the 16th and 17th centuries as well as in surveys and books on Irish nomenclature from the same time period.

The name is also found in other parts of the world, as the Concannons who arrived in the United States via Ellis Island in 1883 and 1909. There are also certain areas such as Skibbereen and County Galway, Ireland, that have a particularly high concentration of people who bear this surname.

Famous people with the name Concannon

  • Brian Concannon Jr.: American human rights lawyer and the executive director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti.
  • Sarah Jo Concannon: Former Chief Loan Officer of the Export-Import Bank of the United States.
  • William Concannon: American politician who served as the US Representative for Massachusetts’s 10th congressional district from 1959 to 1965.
  • Maureen Concannon: British Paralympic gold medalist in swimming, who competed for Great Britain in the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games.
  • Connor Concannon: Professional American football player who currently plays for the San Francisco 49ers.
  • Pat Concannon: Former Australian rules footballer who played for the Port Melbourne Football Club in the Victorian Football League.
  • Tom Concannon: Irish soccer player who played as a forward for the League of Ireland side Bohemians F.C.
  • Elouise Concannon: Australian actress best known for her roles in Picnic at Hanging Rock and The Far Country.
  • Brendan Concannon: Irish hurler who plays for the Dublin senior hurling team.
  • Richard Concannon: American actor, film director, and screenwriter best known for his work in the horror film genre.

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