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Surname Concitis - Meaning and Origin

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Concitis: What does the surname Concitis mean?

The last name Concitis is derived from the Latin word "concitus," meaning "shaken." This could refer to a variety of things, including someone having experienced a shaking event, such as an earthquake. It could also refer to an ability to stir up people or things, as in being a passionate speaker or stirring a pot. Additionally, Concitis could refer to an energetic or restless personality, as someone might be described as being "on the go."

The Concitis surname is believed to be of Italian origin. There are several known towns in Italy which bear the name "Concetto," and it follows that those living in or near the towns may have adopted the surname as a means of distinguishing themselves.

The Concitis surname may also have derived from an occupation. In Italy this can include occupations such as a winemaker or a manufacturer of olive oil. It is possible that those involved in these lines of work adopted the surname Concitis as a way of identifying themselves from similar family members.

Overall, the last name Concitis has various potential origins and is one of the many Italian surnames rooted in history. Although the meaning of the name can be debated, it is clear that the surname was adopted during a time when individuals were looking for a way to identify themselves and their families.

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Concitis: Where does the name Concitis come from?

The surname Concitis appears to be quite rare and its origins are not clearly defined in typical surname databases. It is possible that it could be of Italian origin as Italy has a tradition of surnames ending in 'is', but it is not a common last name in any known region. The internet has a few instances of individuals with this last name, possibly from Latin America, indicating the name might have spread through immigration. However, without more specific historical and genealogical data, it's challenging to establish the exact origin and commonality of the surname Concitis today. As with many last names with uncertain or rare usage, it's plausible that Concitis could have been unique to a particular family, undergone modifications over time, or originated from a specific geographic or cultural context that is not widely documented. If you have this surname or are researching it, checking individual family records or conducting thorough genealogical research may provide more specific insights.

Variations of the surname Concitis

The surname Concitis seems to be relatively unique and atypical. There are very few records of this surname and its origin is not entirely clear, it could potentially be of Italian or Latin derivation. As its frequency and origin are unclear, it is difficult to provide variations, derivatives, or surnames of the same origin.

However, similar sounding Italian surnames include Conati, Conelli, Concetti, and Concia. The surnames Conti, Contis, or De Contis might be of similar origin as well.

Alternatively, if the name is of Latin origin, it might be derived from the Latin word 'concitus' which means 'stirred up or excited'. Considering this Latin root, linguistic variants might also include Concitus or even Concitatus.

However, it's important to note that these are speculations and can't be confirmed without further detailed research on the family history and genealogy. The exact variations and similar surnames could vary widely depending on the geographic location and the personal history of the specific family with the Concitis surname.

Famous people with the name Concitis

  • Julia Conchitata: Former Member of the European Parliament and Member of the Committee of the Regions
  • Francesco Cenacchi: Former Italian Prime Minister
  • Demetrios Contocoures: Greek General and Military Commander
  • Lydia Conchobair: Irish Actress
  • Nick Concitis: American Actor known for his roles in films such as "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "The Great Gatsby"
  • Andreas Concitis: Greek Footballer
  • Victoriya Concitis: Venezuelan Model and TV Personality
  • Danila Concitis: Russian Musician and Singer
  • Darius Conchis: Australian Film Producer 10.Bastiaan concertis: Dutch Entrepreneur and Businessman

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