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Surname Cord - Meaning and Origin

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Cord: What does the surname Cord mean?

The surname Cord is of English and North German origin. It could have either derived from a short form of the personal name Concord, which is taken from an old nickname meaning 'Bold' or 'Daring'. Alternatively, it could have originated from the German word 'kord', or the Middle English word 'corde', both meaning 'cord' or 'string', which originally indicated someone who made cords or strings, or someone who traded in them. Therefore, this surname can indicate a trade or profession. Today, this surname is popular in several countries and is not restricted to its locations of origin. Please note that meanings of surnames can vary based on geographical origins and historical context.

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Cord: Where does the name Cord come from?

The surname Cord is of German origin. It is derived from the personal name Konrad, which is a composition of the words "kuoni" meaning bold and "rad" meaning counsel. Another source suggests that the name also has roots in the old English word "cord," suggesting the occupation of a cordwainer or rope maker.

Cord is a relatively rare surname. Nevertheless, it can be found in various parts of the world, owing to migration and diaspora. It is most common in the United States, particularly in the states of Texas and Indiana, according to the distribution of the surname by Forebears. Germany, where the surname originated, and other Germanic-speaking regions such as Austria also have a significant number of people with the Cord surname. Despite the German origin of the surname and its notable concentration in Germany and the USA, it also appears in less predictable locations such as Brazil.

Variations of the surname Cord

The surname "Cord" likely originates from the German word "kord", meaning brave or bold. It can have several variants and alternative spellings including Cordd, Corda, Corde, Cordy, Cordi, Kord, Korda, Kordd, Kordi and Kordy.

Moreover, it could potentially be linked to other surnames that stem from the same root or share similar meanings. These may be spelled differently but retain a phonetic similarity. Examples might include Cordes, Cordell, Kordel, Kordell, Cordle, Kordle, and Cording.

Another angle to consider is geographically-based surnames. Since the name is German in origin, similar surnames could come from regions where Germanic languages are spoken like Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, etc.

Additionally, the surname "Cord" may be shortened or Anglicised versions of longer, more complex family names. For instance, the German surname "Cordmeier" might be shortened to "Cord" upon moving to English-speaking countries. Likewise, the name Cord could also possibly have evolved from a place name, like "Cordoba" or "Cordelle". It's also plausible that the surname could be related to occupations, such as cordwainer or cordmaker. Therefore, surnames like Cordwin, Cordner or Cordman may be possible relatives of the name Cord.

Keep in mind that the exact origin and variants of the surname can vary widely based on factors such as language, region, and history.

Famous people with the name Cord

  • Brendon Urie: American singer and musician known for being the lead vocalist of band Panic! At The Disco.
  • Blake Cord: former Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Timothy Cord: former Major League Baseball outfielder.
  • Richard Cordray: former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from 2012 to 2017.
  • Susan Cord: costume designer.
  • Joel Cord: former professional American football defensive end.
  • John Cord: former screenwriter for The Walt Disney Company.
  • Mara Cord: former Australian model and TV presenter.
  • Sonya Cord: former children's book author.
  • Alysia Cord: marketing professional and entrepreneur.
  • Ray Cord: former college basketball player.
  • Tommy Cord: former professional American football guard.
  • Karras Cord: former Australian rugby player.
  • Damion Cord: former professional American football wide receiver.
  • Rickey Cord: former professional American football running back.
  • Fernanda Cord: Brazilian international swimmer.
  • Corey Cord: former Major League Baseball outfielder.
  • Charley Cord: former college baseball player.
  • Dory Cord: former college baseball player.
  • Temple Cord: former singer and songwriter.
  • Mitchel Cord: former college football and track athlete.
  • Tiahna Cord: Australian dancer and aerialist.
  • Lob Wester Cord: former Dutch cyclist.
  • Duane Cord: former professional American football wide receiver.

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