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Surname Coram - Meaning and Origin

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Coram: What does the surname Coram mean?

Coram is a surname of Latin origin. The word "coram" in Latin translates to "in the presence of" or "before". The surname may have been used to denote a person who lived or worked before or in the presence of an important figure, like a king or religious leader. Alternatively, it may refer to an individual who resided near a notable landmark. The name is also associated with the philanthropist Thomas Coram, who established the London Foundling Hospital in the 18th century. Therefore, anyone bearing this surname could potentially trace their ancestry back to him or to his descendants. As with any surname, its exact origin and meaning could vary based on the family's history and geographical origin.

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Coram: Where does the name Coram come from?

The surname Coram is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the English word "cor(e)ham", which means "dweller by the rocky home". It is a locational surname originally given to people who lived in areas near rocky lands or hills. The first recorded spelling of this surname appeared in the 13th century feudal rolls in Norfolk county.

The Coram surname is not particularly common, but it can be found in the United States, England, and Canada. It may also be found in other parts of the English-speaking world, though in smaller numbers. Notably, the surname gained recognition in the UK through Thomas Coram, a philanthropist who established the London Foundling Hospital in the early 18th century. There are also places named Coram in New York and Montana in the USA, where the name might be more prevalent due to the place name. Nevertheless, it remains relatively rare globally.

Variations of the surname Coram

The surname Coram has a few variants and related surnames such as Corem, Corum, Coreum, Coran, Coren and Corame among others. It has several spelling alterations like Koram, Corram, and Korum, reflecting a pattern common in centuries past where spellings were not standardized.

This surname appears to have English origins, although it may also be linked to French or Dutch ancestry given the similar surnames and names used in those regions, such as Corum in France and Koram in the Netherlands.

Coram is also a moderately rare surname in the USA, while the surname variant Corum is more common. Both are notably used in southern states, perhaps indicating a point of immigration or regional origin for those families.

Moreover, research suggests that in some contexts, Coram may not be a familial name but a given or personal name.

As with many surnames, the variants and spellings can change considerably, and so it is possible that there are other associated names or derivations not included here. Understanding the exact origins of the name requires a detailed genealogical investigation.

Famous people with the name Coram

  • Thomas Coram: The most famous individual bearing this surname was Thomas Coram, an 18th-century philanthropist who established the London Foundling Hospital in 1739 to care for abandoned children. His actions influenced pivotal changes in social welfare and children's rights.
  • William Coram: Noted entrepreneur in the 19th-century metal industry who built the town of Coram, California specifically for his employees.
  • Robert Coram: A contemporary American author best known for his biographies, including "Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War."
  • Bobby Coram: A 20th-century Australian rules footballer who played for Footscray Football Club.
  • Vanessa Coram: A British soprano popular in the mid to late 20th century who performed many roles in West End musicals.
  • Harriet Coram: A British actress primarily known for her work in the silent film era. Please note that people with the last name "Coram" are frequently associated with the Coram Foundation, a charitable organization in the UK, but they aren't necessarily relations to Thomas Coram or other notable figures bearing the Coram name.

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