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Surname Coyd - Meaning and Origin

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Coyd: What does the surname Coyd mean?

The last name Coyd is of English origin, and likely descended from the Old English word coda, meaning “son of.” It is believed to have been derived from an Anglo-Saxon patronymic surname. This last name is most commonly found in the south of England, primarily in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, and Shropshire, and is an uncommon surname in the United States.

The Coyd surname is believed to have arisen from common nicknames, particularly for people who were known to be mild-mannered or good-natured. In some cases, the surname may have been given to someone who was considered to be a “benevolent old scout”. The Coyd family was spread over multiple places in Gloucestershire during the 16th to 19th centuries, and the family has since branched out over the United Kingdom, as well as to other parts of the world.

The Coyd name is still fairly uncommon, however those bearing the name are likely to be proud of its meaningful and ancient roots. Descended from a son of the Anglo-Saxon people, this surname is a reminder to all those who bear it of the unique history and culture from which they've come.

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Coyd: Where does the name Coyd come from?

The last name Coyd is primarily found in Scotland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In Scotland, the name is concentrated around the city of Dundee and the surrounding area, as well as scattered throughout the other Lowland regions in the country. In the UK as a whole, the name is mainly located in the West Midlands region of England, although there are also some in the North West.

The name Coyd is also found in the United States, but much more sparsely than in Scotland. Records show that the earliest appearance was in Pennsylvania, which still has the highest population of Coyds in the US. The name is also present in California, Michigan, Ohio, and many other states. Most of the Coyd family in America are thought to have descended from Scottish ancestors who emigrated there in the mid- to late-1800s.

In addition to Scotland and the US, Coyd is also found in small to moderate numbers in Ireland, Australia, France, and Canada. While the distribution of this surname is not widespread, it is still known and recognizable in many countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Coyd

The surname Coyd is typically spelled as "Coyd", but there are other variant spellings that are also commonly used. Some of these spellings include "Coyde", "Coyed", "Codde", "Cowed", "Coydey", "Coydee", "Coid", "Cod", "Cowd".

The surname Coyd can also be spelled differently depending on geographical origin and cultural influences. For instance, the French variant is "Coydeux", the Spanish is "Cod", and the Italian is "Codde".

The surnames Coyd and Coyde also have various nicknames, which include "Cody", "Coy", "Coi", and "Coe".

Various Coyd surnames can also be found in other countries. In Germany, Coyd is spelled "Coydt". In Sweden, it is spelled "Koid", and in Denmark, it is spelled "Koid". The most common surname variants found in Scotland are "Koyte", "Cowd", and "Koidt".

Surname variants for Coyd are often based on regional dialect, immigration history, and even popular culture. For instance, the surname Coydy originated from a popular television show. Lastly, the surnames of Coyd and Coyde often go hand in hand, as some families have both of these surname variations.

Famous people with the name Coyd

  • George Coyd Wetzel, American Veterinarian and an expert on Dairy Nutrition and Health.
  • Philip Coyd, an English cricketer who played for Derbyshire, Hampshire, and Northamptonshire between 1962 and 1976.
  • Selena Coyd, American storyteller and puppet designer.
  • Craig Coyd, a game developer and executive producer at Microsoft.
  • Thomas Coyd, an English cricketer who played for Derbyshire, Sussex, and Warwickshire between 1876 and 1888.
  • Nastassja Coyd, an American actress best known for her starring roles in movies such as Barry and Netflix’s Escape Room.
  • Leonard Coyd, a British painter and illustrator who was born in the early 20th century.
  • William Coyd, a Canadian physician, researcher, and educator who wrote extensively about the importance of physical health and wellness.
  • Keith Coyd, an American professional wrestler who competed in the World Wrestling Federation between 1989 and 1997.
  • Albert Coyd, an American politician who served in the House of Representatives from Michigan from 1893 to 1895.

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