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Surname Coyle - Meaning and Origin

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Journey of Self-Discovery: Revisiting My Surname and Identity through the iGENEA DNA Test

Taking the iGENEA DNA test has profoundly reshaped my understanding of my surname, Coyle, and my personal identity. It has unveiled a vibrant tapestry of my ancestral lineage and bridged the gap between my present and a much distant past rooted in Celtic heritage. The knowledge has brought a sense of immense pride and a deeper understanding of our human interconnectedness.

J. Coyle

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Coyle: What does the surname Coyle mean?

The surname Coyle is of Irish origin and is derived from the Old Gaelic "Mac Giolla Chomhghaill". The prefix "Mac" denotes "son of", while "Giolla" means "devotee" or "follower", and "Chomhghaill" translates to "joint pledge". So, the overall meaning of Coyle could be interpreted as "son of the follower of the joint pledge". The name Coyle is primarily associated with County Donegal in Ireland, though bearers of this surname can be found throughout Ireland and the rest of the world. Like many Irish surnames, Coyle was originally a given name before it evolved into a family name. The surname has several variations including MacCoyle, McCoil, and Quail. The exact interpretation of these old Gaelic names can vary, showing the complexity and fluidity of language over time and place.

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Coyle: Where does the name Coyle come from?

The surname Coyle is of Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic name "Mac Giolla Chomhghaill" which means "son of the servant of St. Comhghall". The name is a patronymic form, a type of surname derived from the name of a father or ancestor.

The surname Coyle originated from the ancient territory of Cenel Eoghain (an area now known as County Tyrone), in the province of Ulster, where a branch of the Cenel Eoghain adopted the surname as MacGiollaCoil, subsequently anglicized as Coyle.

Today, the surname Coyle is quite common in the regions of Northern Ireland and the Catholic parts of western Scotland, including Glasgow. Many people bearing the surname Coyle can also be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world as a result of Irish emigration in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Variations of the surname Coyle

The surname Coyle has its origins in Ireland, stemming from the Gaelic "Mac Giolla Comhghaill" which means "son of the servant of Saint Comghall". Various spellings and variants have evolved over time due to regional variations and Anglicization of the original Gaelic name.

Common variations and spellings of the surname include Coil, Coile, Coyl, Coill, Coiles, Coyles, and Coilly. In terms of different surnames of the same origin, McCoil, McCoyle, MacCoil, and MacCoyle are also encountered. These variations first started appearing in the 17th century after English rule compelled Irish families to translate or 'Anglicize' their names.

Often, the prefixes 'Mac' or 'Mc', meaning 'son of', are dropped completely, leaving just 'Coil' or 'Coyle'. Regional variations may also occur due to how different communities pronounced the original Gaelic, creating further variations of the surname.

In some cases, Coyle might be an Americanized spelling of the German surname 'Koehl'. Similarly, in parts of Italy, 'Coyle' might be used as a variation of the surname 'Coello' or 'Coiro', though these are of different origins.

Famous people with the name Coyle

  • Brendan Coyle: An English actor, most known for his role as John Bates in Downton Abbey.
  • Nadine Coyle: Former member of the girl group Girls Aloud, she pursued a solo career with a studio album titled “Insatiable”.
  • Steve Coyle: A well-known architectural illustrator, artist, and founder of Third Coast Design Studio.
  • Charlie Coyle: An American professional ice hockey forward, currently playing for the Boston Bruins in the NHL.
  • Gary Coyle: An Irish artist whose work ranges from drawings, photography, and performance.
  • Kevin Coyle: An American football coach with several years of coaching experience in collegiate and professional levels.
  • Paula Coyle: An American television news anchor known for her work in Montana and Florida.
  • Joe Coyle: An American actor known for his roles in The Chase and Hidden Secrets.
  • Brian Coyle: A late American politician and LGBT rights activist.
  • Jackie Coyle: A former Canadian football player.
  • Antony Coyle: A retired Australian rules footballer.
  • Bobby Coyle: An former Minor League Baseball player.
  • Deirdre Coyle: A prominent writer known for her various contributions to the field of contemporary literature.
  • Sandra Coyle: An American operatic soprano who has had an international career in concerts and operas.

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