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Surname Coyne - Meaning and Origin

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New Lenses to Ancestral Ties: A Personal Journey Prompted by the iGENEA DNA Test

Unboxing the results of my iGENEA DNA test, my eyes scanned the surprising truth: contrary to years of family narratives, the Coynes, my clan, were not native to Ireland. We hailed from Scandinavian roots. This revelation set me on a journey of discovery and reflection, reshaping the dimensions of my cultural identity.

B. Coyne

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Coyne: What does the surname Coyne mean?

The surname Coyne is of Irish origin. It is derived from the Old Gaelic name "O Cadhain", which itself comes from the Gaelic word "cadhan" meaning wild goose. The name was used to denote a descendant of Cadhan. The prefix "O" means "grandson of" or "descendant of", indicating a patronymic origin of the name. It has over the years been Anglicized in numerous forms such as Coen, Cohen, Kyne, Kilcoyne, Coon and the most common, Coyne. During the 17th century, many people with the Coyne surname migrated to America due to the Great Famine in Ireland. The name is particularly prevalent in counties Galway and Mayo in Ireland. Like many surnames, the exact meaning can vary based on regional interpretations and ancestral lines.

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Coyne: Where does the name Coyne come from?

The surname Coyne is of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic "Ó Cadhain" which translates to "descendant of Cadhan". Cadhan itself means 'wild goose' in Gaelic. Over time, this name was anglicized to Coyne, Coen, and even Kilcoyne in some cases. The name suggests that the ancestral bearers were characterized by a wild, untamed spirit much like the wild goose. During the middle ages, the family known by this name was prominent in the eastern Irish province of Connacht, particularly in County Mayo and County Galway.

Today, the last name Coyne is still common in Ireland, especially in the regions where it originated. However, due to historical mass emigration from Ireland, especially during the Great Famine in the mid-19th century, the name has also spread worldwide. The surname Coyne can now be found in significant numbers in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and other parts of the globe where Irish diaspora have settled.

Variations of the surname Coyne

The surname Coyne has several different variants, spellings, and similar surnames of the same origin. Alternate variants and spellings include Coyn, Coin, Coine, Coyney, and Coney.

The surname Coyne is of Irish origin, and it is usually the anglicized form of the Gaelic surname "Ó Cadhain". This name can also be translated to other English surnames derived from "Ó Cadhain" including Cohan, Kehoe, Keoghane, Kyne, and Caheen.

Coyne can occasionally also be a variant of the Jewish surname Klein, which was often spelled Cohen in English speaking countries.

In some cases, particularly in the United States, similar sounding surnames may be variants of Coyne due to misspellings or phonetic spellings. Some examples of these are Cane, Cone, or Kane.

Therefore, the surname Coyne has a variety of alternate spellings and forms due to translation and anglicization, as well as misspelling or phonetic spelling in different cultures and countries.

Famous people with the name Coyne

  • Wayne Coyne: An American musician recognized as the lead singer, lyricist, and guitarist of the rock band 'The Flaming Lips'.
  • Holly Beth Coyne: An American reality TV personality known for her spot in the MTV series 'Are you the One' and 'Ex on the Beach'.
  • Kevin John Coyne: A British singer-songwriter recognized for his distinctive style.
  • Chris Coyne: An Australian former professional footballer who had an extensive career spanning various clubs.
  • Declan Coyne: A character in the Degrassi series portrayed by actor Landon Liboiron.
  • Cyndi Coyne: A famous hair and makeup artist for many Hollywood films and TV shows.
  • Tom Coyne: A renowned mastering engineer for numerous Grammy-winning albums, including Taylor Swift's '1989'.
  • Gloria Coyne: An Irish fashion designer known for her creation under the NoraBatty label.
  • Steven Coyne: An Australian professional rugby league footballer.
  • Jackie Coyne: An Irish road racing cyclist.

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