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Surname Fillips - Meaning and Origin

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Fillips: What does the surname Fillips mean?

The surname Fillips doesn't have a specific meaning that is well-documented or universally accepted. It seems to have multiple potential origins. It could be a patronymic name derived from the first name Philip, meaning 'friend of horses' in Greek. Through various linguistic transformations and changes in spelling over time, the surname Fillips could have developed. It's also plausible that Fillips may be a variant of the last name Phillips. In many cultures, surnames are often derived from occupations, geographical locations, or descriptive nicknames, but no such connection is evident for Fillips. Thus, the exact definition or significance of the surname Fillips likely varies based on individual family history and lineage. It's always best to consult genealogical resources or conduct a personal family history research to find out the specific meaning and origin of a surname.

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Fillips: Where does the name Fillips come from?

The last name Fillips is most commonly found today in the Netherlands, Belgium, and some parts of northern Germany. It is a patronymic surname, derived from the male given name Philip. There are also some Fillips families in the United States, most of which are of Dutch or German origin.

The name Philip is derived from the Greek name Philippos, which means “friend of horses”. Some believe it was an occupational name for those who worked with horses such as grooms. The name was common in the Middle Ages, especially in France.

In the Netherlands, the name Fillips is fairly common. From the mid-17th century onwards, many Dutch immigrants settled in the United States with the Fillips surname. They mainly resided in Pennsylvania and New York, although there are still members of the Fillips family who descend from these immigrants all over the United States.

Other Fillips families moved to Australia and elsewhere in Europe such as England, Germany, France, Ireland, and Scotland. Today, many Fillips families are spread out all over the world.

The Fillips family name has changed through the years, with various spellings including Felps, Philips, Philps, and Hillips. It is a unique surname that has deep roots and history throughout the world.

Variations of the surname Fillips

The Fillips surname has many variant spellings, surnames of the same origin, and other variations including: Phillips, Filips, Fillip, Fillups, Filipe, Filipa, Filipo, Phillipps, Phillippe, Filipps, Filippe, Felipe, and Philp.

Fillipps is the most common spelling of this surname, but it has been known to appear as Phillips, Fillip, Prices, Phillippe, and Phipps occasionally. The surname appears to be of mixed geographical origin, with a British Isles, Scandinavian, and French origin.

The British Isles spelling of "Fillips" is a combination of the Germanic "-fill-" meaning "peaceful" or "wise", and the Anglo-Saxon "-ip" which means "lively". This could indicate an ancestral origin in Germanic England or Denmark.

The French spelling of "Phillippe" is most likely derived from the Old French "Philippus", meaning “lover of horses” or “friend of horses”. This is because the name began rising in popularity in Europe around the time of Alexander the Great’s successful equestrian campaigns.

The Scandinavian spelling of "Filips" is thought to have been inspired by the Greek name "Philippos", meaning "lover of horses". This could be signifying an ancestral origin in the Scandinavian countries where the use of horses in travel was common.

Overall, these variant spellings of the Fillips surname all have the same origin and meaning while signifying different geographical locations and ancestries.

Famous people with the name Fillips

  • Angela Fillips: American public relations practitioner
  • John Fillips: American politician in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • Joseph Philip Fillips: American musician, composer and author
  • Lynne Fillips: American film producer
  • Valeri Fillips: Russian figure skater who competed in ice dance
  • Yim Fillips: American professional football player
  • Grover Fillips: American politician who served as the 8th Governor of Oregon
  • Mark Fillips: English actor, known primarily for his role as Moff Jerjerrod in the Star Wars films
  • Martha Fillips: American superior court judge
  • John Fillips Jr.: American journalist and business executive

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