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Surname Gabold - Meaning and Origin

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Gabold: What does the surname Gabold mean?

The last name Gabold is of German origin and is derived from the High German word ‘gabalt’, which means God-given, or to give. The name itself implies a sense of faith, generosity and giving from God – qualities that have been passed down through many generations of the Gabold family.

The origin of the Gabold name primarily comes from the South-western region of Germany. It has been traced back to the Middle Ages, when members of the family travelled to the area to find work. During this period, people often referred to each other by occupational names, and due to their profession of giving and bestowing God's gifts upon Others, the Gabolds were known as ‘Gabold’.

The earliest documented usage of the Gabold surname was in the region of Franconia, which is now part of Bavaria. In these records, it is noted that a man by the name of Johannes Gabolt was present in the year 1060. Over the years, the surname has spread outside of Bavaria and Germany.

The Gabold family’s legacy of giving and faith has been strong since its inception, and it is regarded as a symbol of pride amongst its many members. This faith and the dedication to inspire generosity in others, seems to be the unifying factor amongst the Gabold family, no matter where they are located.

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Gabold: Where does the name Gabold come from?

The Gabold surname is most common in Germany, especially in Bavaria. However, it is also found in other countries in Europe, the US, and Australia.

In Germany, the Gabold surname can be found most often in Bavaria, and in particular in the towns of Vianden and Niederanven, in the municipality of Remerschen. This surname is likely derived from the old Germanic language.

In America, the Gabold surname is found in states such as New Jersey, and in New York City. This could partially be due to migration from Germany, as German immigrants moved to America after WWII.

The Gabold surname is relatively common in Australia, and it is believed some of the Australian bearers of the name are descendants of German soldiers who moved to Australia in the 18th century.

In Canada, the name Gabold is not as common as it is in other parts of the world. Currently, there are records of a few individuals bearing this name in Alberta, and some in British Columbia.

Overall, the Gabold surname is still found quite often in Germany and other parts of Europe, and to a lesser extent in other countries.

Variations of the surname Gabold

There are several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Gabold. Some of these include Gabald, Gabalde, Gabauld, Gabault, Gabaulde, Gabel, Gable, Gabeld, Gebald, Gevald, Gebauld, Gabell, Gablett, and Gabelt.

Gabald is a variant of the surname Gabold and is of French origin. It refers to a descendant of Gabol or Gabeaux, an Old German personal name composed of the elements “gab”, meaning “all”, and “walt”, meaning “power”.

Gabel is another variant of the surname Gabold. It is derived from the Middle High German and Middle Low German word “gabel”, which means “fork”, and can refer to one who has a fork-shaped heraldic symbol, such as a shield.

Gevald is derived from the Middle High German word “gevalt”, which means “strength”, and could refer to one who is strong by virtue of their physical traits or one who is strong in character or spiritual strength.

Gable is an English spelling variant of the surname Gabole, which is derived from a Middle French form of the surname Gabold. It may also refer to someone who lives near a gable end of a house, or one who lives near a triangular piece of gable wall.

Gebauld is derived from the Old German word “gibold”, which means “man of capacity”, and can refer to a judge, attorney, or ruler.

Gablett is an English spelling variant of the surname Gabolt, which is derived from an Old German personal name composed of the elements “gab”, meaning “all”, and “walt”, meaning “power”.

Gabelt is a German spelling variant of the surname Gabauld, which is of French origin. It is derived from a Middle French form of the surname Gabold, and can refer to one who is strong in character or of spiritual strength.

Famous people with the name Gabold

  • Karsten Gabold: former professional footballer from Germany
  • Zdenka Gabold: Czechoslovak tennis player and team member of the Czechoslovak Fed Cup team in 1955–1970
  • Anton Gabold: German sculptor
  • Paul Gabold: German Protestant theologian
  • Reinhard Gabold: German physicist
  • Martin Gabold: German coach driver and author of several books on the topic
  • Harald Gabold: German chess master
  • Hanno Gabold: former professional cyclist of the German national team
  • Egbert Gabold: German football administrator and former sports reporter
  • Dr. Joachim Gabold: Doctor of law and professor at the University of Rostock in Germany

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