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Surname Galder - Meaning and Origin

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Galder: What does the surname Galder mean?

The last name Galder is an old German-Jewish surname, indicative of both German and Jewish heritage. Common amongst families originating from parts of Europe such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia, the last name appears to have a variety of origins.

The most commonly accepted origin of the Galder name lies in the Yiddish language, specifically in the phrase “galderen,” which is derived from the Middle High German “galchtern,” which means “to prattle, talk, or chatter.” This could refer to a variety of activities, from storytelling to gossiping. Alternatively, other scholars suggest that the name could be derived from the Old German words “gal(o)” (a Celtic-Gallic word meaning “courage”) and “dere” (which means “people in power”). This could be a reference to an ancestral figure who was admired for his courage and political dexterity.

Most likely, the Galder name is a combination of both of these meanings and could be interpreted as meaning someone who is both courageous and shrewd in conversation. This could refer to a leader who has a persuasive way with words or someone who has a knack for problem solving. Ultimately, the Galder name carries a lot of meanings that reference various aspects of character, making it a powerful symbol of a family’s heritage.

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Galder: Where does the name Galder come from?

The last name Galder is common in many countries around the world today, primarily within Europe. It is most commonly found in several Spanish-speaking countries, including Spain, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, and Costa Rica. In Spain, it is the 21st most common surname, with around 107,000 individuals bearing the Galder surname. Galder is also common in Switzerland, with approximately 5,200 residents with this surname, as well as in Germany, where there are about 4,500 people who bear the Galder name.

Outside of Europe, the Galder surname is most commonly found in the United States. In the US, the last name Galder is ranked in the top 8,000 most frequently used last names, with more than 3,600 individuals having the Galder surname. Additionally, it can be found in countries such as Canada and Brazil, where it is most commonly found among Latin American populations.

In addition, the last name Galder is found throughout the world, including in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and India. The Galder surname is associated with many different cultures, making it an intriguing name to research as it can help to trace the origins and migration of different populations.

Variations of the surname Galder

The surname Galder is of German origin, deriving from the medieval name Golder. It is a metonymic and occupational surname meaning "minter or coiner of money". The surname Galder can have various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include Goedder, Gooder, Gotter, Gaedert, Geetzel, Gaellen, Goedderz, Goedde, Gaedtke, and Gooderz.

Goedder is a Dutch variant of the surname Galder, thought to have first originated around the 16th century. It is believed to have originated in the North-West region of Germany, where it was used to refer to a banker or money-lender. Similarly, Gooder is a variant of the German-based surname Galder, and is also linked to banking and money-lending.

Gotter is a variant of the surname Galder, which is thought to have originated in Germany. While it is not known precisely when Gotter originated, it is believed to have been in general use by the 16th century. It is thought to have derived from the ancient Germanic words 'God' and 'Heer', meaning 'god' and 'lord' respectively.

Gaedter, Gaellen, and Goedderz are variants of the surname Galder, all of which originate from Germany. Gaedert began to appear in Germany during the 16th century, thought by some to have been derived from the ancient Germanic word 'gaud', meaning 'valuable'. Gaellen and Goedderz are both derived from the name Golder, which was first recorded in North-West Germany in the Middle Ages.

Gaedtke, Gooderz, and Goedde are also variants on the surname Galder. Gaedtke is German in origin and is derived from the word 'Gaut', meaning 'valuable'. Gooderz and Goedde are both derived from the name Golder, first recorded in North-West Germany in the Middle Ages. All three variants of the surname Galder were in widespread use during the 16th century.

Famous people with the name Galder

  • John Galder: American comic book artist.
  • Casey Galder: American snowboarder and four-time Olympic medalist.
  • César Galderón: Peruvian actor and television presenter.
  • Julius Galder: Danish painter.
  • Belle Galder: American contemporary artist.
  • Sam Galder: New Zealand actor and director.
  • Bert Galder: Former American professional basketball player.
  • Jimmy Galder: American film director.
  • Marienella Galder: Spanish professional dancer and model.
  • Othman Galder: Malian singer and songwriter.

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