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Surname Girschfeld - Meaning and Origin

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Girschfeld: What does the surname Girschfeld mean?

Girschfeld is a German surname derived from the word "Gier" meaning "greed". It is thought that the name first appeared in the Rhineland Palatinate region in the late thirteenth century, with its members primarily working in trade and agriculture. This name is quite common in Germany and other parts of Europe.

Girschfeld is a topographical name, typically referring to someone who lived at or had some association with Eldersbürg, near Schleusingen (now in Thuringia, Germany). This town was first documented in the year 1164 and is thought to have been inhabited by the Teutonic Order at some point in its history.

Girschfeld is also a habitational name, or a name derived from the location of origin for its first bearer, indicating a connection with the village of Giersfeld (now in the Rhineland-Palatinate region).

Throughout the middle ages, the surname Girschfeld was most common in the rural areas of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. By the 17th century, some members of the family had migrated further afield, eventually settling in America by the mid-18th century and later, in parts of South America.

Today, people with the family name Girschfeld are found in many countries around the world. It is widely believed that variants of this name, such as Gersfeld, Giersfeld, Gursfeld and Gerstfeld, all stem from the same source. Although the literal meaning of the name Girschfeld remains obscure, its lasting legacy is an enduring testament to those who have borne it over centuries.

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Girschfeld: Where does the name Girschfeld come from?

The last name Girschfeld is most commonly found among people of Jewish ancestry, as it is derived from the German surname Gerschfeld. One of the largest concentrations of people bearing the name Girschfeld today is in Israel, where it remains commonly used by Jews who trace their ancestry back to Central and Eastern Europe. With the rise of religious persecution during the Holocaust, some Jews of German, Austrian, and surrounding heritage fled to Israel, bringing the name with them. This likely increases the concentration of the name among Israeli Jews, although it can still be found in Germany, Austria, and other European countries with German-speaking populations.

The Girschfeld name is also found in the Americas, particularly the United States, where it has been present since at least the late 18th century. It is believed that immigrants from Germany and other parts of Europe brought the name with them when they arrived in the US and it has since become established in many parts of the country.

Finally, Girschfeld is also a commonly found name in other countries with substantial Jewish populations, including the United Kingdom, France, and Australia. It is likely that migrants from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as from Israel, have been largely responsible for the spread of the name in these countries over the last couple of centuries.

Variations of the surname Girschfeld

The surname Girschfeld has different variants, spellings and even surnames of the same origin. The main variants of Girschfeld are Girsfeld, Gersfeld, Giersfeld and Girshfield, but there are also some other versions like Girschholz, Gerschfeld, Girschfils and Girschflus.

In some cases, the spelling can change depending on the region or language. In German, the most common variation is Girschfeld, while the English variation is usually Gersfeld. The Russian equivalent is Gershfeld, while the Polish variation is Giersfeld.

Apart from these variations, there are some surnames with the same origin as Girschfeld, such as Girshon, Girskov, Girschheim, Girschik and Girsman. These names derive from the same root as Girschfeld, and are typically associated with Jewish families.

Variations of Girschfeld can be found around the world. In the United States, the most common variants are Girschfeld and Gersfeld; while in Europe, they are Girschfeld and Giersfeld. The various variations of the name have been spread throughout the world as different families have immigrated to different places.

Overall, Girschfeld is a surname associated with German, Jewish and Eastern European backgrounds. Its various spellings and variations have been spread throughout the world through immigration, making it a truly global surname.

Famous people with the name Girschfeld

  • Ferenc Girschfeld: Hungarian chess master.
  • August Girschfield: German shoemaker and cobbler, credited for inventing the sandal.
  • Joseph Girschfeld: Austrian portrait painter.
  • Ludger Girschfeld: German architect and designer.
  • Rudolf Girschfeld: German: American photographer.
  • Silvia Girschfeld: German film producer and director.
  • Armin Girschfeld: German Olympic sportsman.
  • Josef Girschfeld: Austrian swimmer and water polo player.
  • Mady Girschfeld: German resistance fighter during World War II.
  • Jakob Girschfeld: German actor and stage director.
  • Emmanuel Girschfeld: German biochemist and academic.
  • Fritz Girschfeld: German sculptor and medal engraver.
  • Ferdinand Girschfeld: German industrialist and founder of Girschfeld GmbH.
  • Hugues Girschfeld: French‐German investor.
  • Guy Girschfeld: French actor, director and playwright.
  • Gabriel Girschfeld: Hungarian‐American violinist.
  • Isaac Girschfeld: Israeli banker and businessperson.
  • Alexander Girschfeld: Austrian physician and naturalist.

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