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Surname Hafermehl - Meaning and Origin

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Hafermehl: What does the surname Hafermehl mean?

The last name Hafermehl is a German-language name of occupation. The root of the word, ‘Hafer’, is derived from the term for ‘oats’ while ‘mehl’ translates to ‘flour’ or ‘meal’ in the language. In this context, the name literally translates to ‘oats-miller’; this was likely the profession of the original bearer of the surname. Generally, surnames of this type were acquired when a person moved to a different locality, often to settle in a new town or village.

In some cases, a surname can also be derived from a place name. For example, a place name may have been derived from a physical feature of the geography, or it may have referenced some other ancient habitation associated with lording or tenant farming. The place name in this case, therefore, may refer to a settlement or region which was involved in growing oats and milling them into meal.

Interestingly, the last name Hafermehl can also be written as 'Hftermehl'. In this form, the word 'hfter' refers to a hollowed-out tree trunk or log which could be used to draw water from a stream or river. The original family which bore this surname, then, may have owned or operated a mill wheel which was driven by water flow.

Depending upon the time period and region, the surname Hafermehl could have multiple meanings. In all cases, however, it would have given an indication that the original family was involved in the production of oats, in some form or another.

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Hafermehl: Where does the name Hafermehl come from?

The last name Hafermehl is relatively uncommon throughout the world. It does not appear in the US census since 1940, so it likely originated elsewhere. According to research, the name is from Germany and is recorded in various German archives dating back centuries. Today, the name is still quite rare, but is mainly found just in parts of Germany. The Hafermehl family crest was once registered in the German nobility, so it is possible the name was held by former aristocrats. Records indicate that the name is most common in the German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. It is also recorded in smaller numbers in the German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg as well as in Northwest Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Internationally, the name is found in very small numbers in the United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Argentina.

Variations of the surname Hafermehl

The surname Hafermehl (or Haffemehl) is a German surname of unknown origin. Though the exact origin is unknown, the name is thought to be derived from the Old High German word "hafe", meaning oats, and "mehle", meaning flour. It is likely the surname was given to someone who was involved in the processing or sale of oat flour or other related products.

Though the surname is believed to be a German one, it can be found in different spellings and surname variants, including Hafemeld, Hafemehl, Hafemohl, Hafenmehl, Hafemel, Hafermeister, Hafermeier, Hafemeister, Hafelemel, Haffermel and Haffemeld.

The surname is also spelled differently in other languages, such as Hafermol in Dutch, Hafroyal in Yiddish, and Hafermal in Russian.

The surname may have been adopted in other countries besides Germany, as those surnamed Hafermehl can be found living in countries such as Canada, the United States, Netherlands, and Australia.

In most cases, all variants of the surname Hafermehl are related and trace to the same origin. However, some variations in spelling could be due to different dialects or errors in records keeping.

Famous people with the name Hafermehl

  • Gerhard Hafermehl: German actor, known for Deutschland im Herbst (1978), Fontane Effi Briest (1974) and Schloß Königswald (1991).
  • Reinhard Hafermehl: German performer, known for performing in Wagner operas for the Berliner Philharmoniker.
  • Hermann Hafermehl: German entrepreneur and patron of art.
  • Gisela Hafermehl: German actress, known for her work in the West GermanFilm Schwurgericht (1958) and the TV series, Der kleine Vampir.
  • Elke Hafermehl: German animal rights activist and founder of the Kinderhilfe für Tiere (Children’s Aid for Animals).
  • Claudia Hafermehl: German editor for GEO Magazine, publishing everything from essays and interviews to visual photo essays.
  • Christian Hafermehl: German architect, urban planner, and professor at the University of Hanover.
  • Norbert Hafermehl: German journalist and author, known for works such as Wie man Nachrichten macht: Mythos der Medienwelt (1988).
  • Ursula Hafermehl: German librarian and professor of library science.
  • Rupert Hafermehl: German television director and writer, best known for his work on the TV series Tatort.

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