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Surname Hajman - Meaning and Origin

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Hajman: What does the surname Hajman mean?

The last name Hajman is of eastern European Jewish origin and is found primarily in Poland, with some members of the family residing in Israel, Germany and the United States. The name can be translated to mean "son of Chaim" or "son of life". In Hebrew, the "son of Chaim" meaning is more literal, as Chaim is the Hebrew equivalent of the name "life".

In the Jewish faith, Chaim is a very commonly used name, and is the Hebrew word for “life.” It is believed to have been given to a child as an expression of hope for a long and happy life. It is also believed to be connected to the Jewish faith's idea of repairing the world or “Tikkun Olam.” This is the Jewish belief that people should strive to work to bring more life, love, and peace into the world.

Due to its eastern European Jewish origins, it is likely that the Hajman family are direct descendants of the Jewish Ashkenazim people. The Ashkenazim are a diaspora Jewish population that migrated from a geographic area of Central and Northern Europe during the Middle Ages. They are known to have been very successful in their communities, creating and maintaining a strong sense of communal cultural heritage.

The surname Hajman was likely passed down and associated with multi-generational stories and family ties, further linking each person within the family to the Jewish faith. Today, despite the geographic movement of the Hajman family, its connection to its Eastern European Jewish roots and the Ashkenazim people remain strong, as is the bond between the current generations descended from that original family.

Hajman: Where does the name Hajman come from?

The Hajman surname is most commonly found in Central and Eastern Europe. In Poland, the Hajman surname is most commonly found in the area of Lesser Poland with the majority located in the Warsaw metropolitan area. Other regions where the surname Hajman is found in Poland include Lower Silesia and East Pomerania.

The Hajman surname is also commonly found in the Czech Republic, primarily in the region of Bohemia and Moravia. The surname is consistently found among Czech and Slovak populations throughout these regions as well as in other parts of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Outside of Central and Eastern Europe, the Hajman surname is also found in North America, specifically in the United States and Canada. In the US, the Hajman surname is most commonly found in large cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles with smaller concentrations in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. In Canada, the Hajman surname is most commonly found in Ontario but is also present in Alberta and British Columbia.

The Hajman surname continues to be common throughout Central and Eastern Europe as well as among Central and Eastern European diaspora populations in North America. The Hajman surname has persisted for centuries and is likely to continue to remain common among those regions and countries in the future.

Variations of the surname Hajman

The surname Hajman is relatively rare and is thought to come from either the Czech Republic or Slovakia. It is found mainly in those two countries, as well as in Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria. Although it is not a common name, there are several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

Variants of the surname Hajman include Hajmon, Hajma, Hajmin, Hajlman, and Hajmann. The spelling variants of Hajman include Hajemann, Hachemann, Hachemayn, Hachenman and HahMixman.

The surnames Hazmajer, Hajzer, Hazman, Hazmayer, Hayman, Haymar, Haymler, Hazmmar and Haimer are all of a similar origin to Hajman though they may be of Hungarian or Jewish ancestry.

Other surnames which are identical or similar to the Hajman name are: Hahmann, Hahman, Hambach, Hamber, Hamberg, Hehlemann, Hehmann, Henmann and Heymann.

The variants of the Hajman name are often found spread throughout the areas where the surname appears, and sometimes across countries. Therefore, it is important to keep all of these various spellings of the Hajman name in mind when looking for ancestors who come from those areas.

Famous people with the name Hajman

  • Avigdor Hajman: Israeli journalist
  • Judit Hajman: Hungarian actress
  • Zsuzsanna Hajman: Opera singer
  • Štefan Hajman: Slovenian rower
  • Hanna Hajman: Polish actress
  • Shiva Hajman: Israeli film producer
  • Ján Hajman: Slovak synchronized swimmer
  • Carlinhos Brown: Brazilian musician born Carlos Henrique Hauman
  • Theiss Nazeer: British-born actress of Indian descent whose birth name was Farhana Hajman
  • Aliaksei Hajman: Belarusian short track speed skater

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