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Surname Handal - Meaning and Origin

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Handal: What does the surname Handal mean?

Handal is of Middle Eastern origin, more specifically from the Levant region which includes countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine. Its meaning is not definitively known, due to the variance in languages and dialects in the region. However, some suggest it might translate to "garnet" in English from the Arabic word "handal" which refers to a type of fruit-bearing tree. It could potentially also relate to professions involving the use of hands. The name is quite prominent among Arabic Christians, especially in Palestine. Despite these general locations and suggestions, the exact meaning and origin of the last name Handal would likely require personalized genealogical research.

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Handal: Where does the name Handal come from?

The surname Handal is of Arabic origin and it is most prevalent in the Middle East and North Africa. This name is primarily found in countries like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Palestine among Arabic-speaking populations. The name Handal may be associated with professionals in manual labor or craftsmanship, derived from the Arabic word "handal" which translates to "handle" in English.

In contemporary times, it is still common in the Middle East. However, due to migration, it can also be found in regions across the globe, particularly in the Americas and Europe, where Middle Eastern diaspora communities exist. In particular, the name is relatively common in Honduras, probably due to migration from Lebanon and Palestine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Variations of the surname Handal

Handal is of Middle Eastern origin, more specifically it can be traced back to Arabic-speaking regions. Hence, it can have various spellings due to transliteration from Arabic to the Roman alphabet. Variants could range from Handal, Handel, Hendal, to Hindal.

It's also worth mentioning that Handal is a common Latin American surname, which is linked to the Arabic migration to Latin America during the late 19th and early 20th century. Thus, you may find Latino variations as well.

Further, in the context of the Middle East, Handal might be preceded by "Al", resulting in Al-Handal, as Arabic surnames often denote family or ancestral affiliations. Also, Arabic names sometimes include the father's and grandfather's names. Therefore, Mohammad Al-Handal, for instance, would mean Mohammad of the Handal family.

As for surnames of the same origin, Haddad (meaning blacksmith, a common occupation) and Halabi (meaning from Aleppo) could be common in the same regions where Handal is found.

However, it is important to note, the spelling and pronunciation of surnames can greatly vary due to regional dialects and accents, as well as personal or family preferences.

Famous people with the name Handal

  • Nathalie Handal: A prominent Palestinian-American poet, writer, and playwright. She has published several collections of poetry, known for exploring themes like cultural identity and displacement.
  • Lawrence Handal: An American Entrepreneur well-noted in the field of healthcare and medicine.
  • Elias A. Handal: A prominent businessman and philanthropist from Honduras, who was recognized by Forbes as one of the wealthiest individuals in Central America.
  • Tiago Handali: A famous mosaics artist from Brazil.
  • Jorge Rafael Handal Perez: An influential politician from Honduras who served as a Member of Congress.
  • Faiyaz Handal: A recognized cricketer from Guyana.
  • Sonia Handal: A popular film producer from the United States.
  • Gustavo A. Handal: A notable Guatemalan lawyer and businessman. Note: Very few well-known personalities share the last name 'Handal,' and the reach of their fame might vary depending on the region. Some might not be internationally recognized.

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