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Surname Hanford - Meaning and Origin

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Hanford: What does the surname Hanford mean?

The last name Hanford is of English origin and usually refers to the location of the family's ancestral home. The name is derived from a village in the county of Essex, England, where the family may have originally settled. The place name is formed from two words, "han" which means high or hill, and "ford" which means a shallow place in a river or stream fordable by people and animals. Thus, the family name Hanford describes a place where there is a shallow crossing of a river or stream at the foot of a hill.

The name Hanford is most prevalent in the United States though it is also found throughout the United Kingdom. In the U.S., the Hanford family first settled in Virginia and Pennsylvania during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. During this time, many English immigrants made the voyage to America to settle in the New World.

Eventually, the Hanford family spread across the continent as individuals and families moved from state to state. In addition to Virginia and Pennsylvania, they can now be found in every region of the U.S. and in many other countries around the world.

Overall, the last name Hanford is a reflection of the family's origins and is a reminder of the places they once called home. The name carries a special connection to a distant past, and is a reminder of the perseverance of generations of Hanfords in the face of hardship.

Hanford: Where does the name Hanford come from?

The last name Hanford is most commonly found today in the United States, especially on the East Coast. According to the United States Census Bureau, the top three states with the highest number of people bearing the surname Hanford are Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Hanford is a name that likely originated either in England or Ireland, and all three of these states have long histories of immigrants from overseas.

Further research indicates that the name Hanford is most numerous in Nantucket County, Massachusetts (where it is the 179th most common last name), Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania (ranked 96th most common surname), and Hartford County, Connecticut (ranked 51st). Hanford families likely have connections to other areas of the East Coast, as many citizens of New England migrated south from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Likewise, the surname Hanford may have been adopted by numerous individuals over the centuries, even if they weren't a part of the same family. For example, soldiers and other individuals may have adopted the moniker for various reasons. As Hanford is a distinctive and relatively rare surname, it's likely most people bearing the name today are related to each other in some way.

Variations of the surname Hanford

The surname Hanford is of English origin and is an ancient anglicized form of the Gaelic name MacConmara which translates to “son of Conmara”. Variations of the name include Handford, Handforth and Handworth. There are also many variants of Hanford, such as Hainford, Heinford, Hanfort, Hanferd, Hanforde, Hanfurd, Hanferth, Hanforth and Hanforths.

Other surnames of similar origin to Hanford include MacConmara, MacAnmara, MacCounmara, MacKonmara, MacGunmara, O’Connmarah, O’Connor, O'Conar, Conomar, Conmara, Counmara, Connmar, Cunnmar, Conmar, Conmor, Conner, Connur, Conney, Connery, Connary, Connery and many more.

The spelling of Hanford evolved over time and in some cases, the pronunciation of the name was altered to create new spellings such as Hanferd, Henford, Handford and Handworth. There are also documented spellings of the surname ranging from “Hainford” to “Hainforde”, “Heinforth”, “Hanfurd”, “Hanforth” and “Hanforths”.

Hanford is a relatively uncommon surname and because of this, there may be few records to document proof of family ties. Therefore, variations of the name should be researched and considered when tracing family history.

Famous people with the name Hanford

  • Howard Hanford Lee: Former US congressman and former Governor of North Carolina.
  • Ed Hanford: American actress, best known for her roles in television shows such as ER and Chicago Hope.
  • Chris Hanford: Former Major League Baseball player, and current manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • Jim Hanford: Retired Major League Baseball pitcher, currently working as a pitching coach for the Houston Astros.
  • Pete Hanford: Former NHL goaltender and current goaltending coach for the Los Angeles Kings.
  • Marc Hanford: Retired professional golfer, who won two PGA Tour events.
  • Kristina Hanford: Actress, best known for her roles in Quantum of Solace, Into the Woods, and The Duff.
  • Garrett Hanford: Retired NFL linebacker, currently working as a linebackers coach for the New York Giants.
  • William Hanford: Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics at Michigan State University.
  • Christopher Hanford: American film producer, best known for his work on Orioles Heroes and The Room, among other films.

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