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Surname Harangozo - Meaning and Origin

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Harangozo: What does the surname Harangozo mean?

The last name Harangozo is a Hungarian surname that dates back to feudal times. It was primarily used by nobility, and is often associated with aristocratic roots. In literal terms, Harangozo means bell-ringer or chime-smith. This might be a reference to a trade of sorts that was practiced in times gone by. However, historians have suggested that the name could have alternate meanings, referring to a specific location within an estate or to a natural feature nearby.

In older Hungarian texts, Harangozo was frequently written in the old Magyar language in which the addition of ‘o’ to the word Harang emphasized it beyond the mere meaning of ‘bell’. The word signifies that whoever was associated with the surname was of high ranking importance and had authority.

Although the exact history of the name may never be known, it is believed that the Harangozo name travelled around the world as people emigrated, from Eastern Europe to Australia, resulting in a range of recognised spellings such as Harangozo and Haranozo.

As a result of the uniqueness and importance of the name, Harangozo is a strong and noble signifier of social maxim and past accomplishments. To many Hungarians, it is an iconic representation of their proud heritage and long lineage.

Harangozo: Where does the name Harangozo come from?

The last name Harangozo is most commonly found today in Hungary. It is a traditional Hungarian name, and is believed to derive from the Hungarian arrivistes, or men of noble ancestor. The origin of the name is likely from a combination of the Hungarian words “harang” (meaning bell) and “ozo” (a suffix commonly found in family names of noble origin). It is believed that the earliest members of the family were descended from a noble line that originated in what is now present day Serbia.

The name can also be found in Slovakia and other countries in Eastern Europe which have traditionally been home to many people of Hungarian ancestry. Additionally, it has spread to other parts of the world through emigration, and now, the name can be found in countries all over the world. For example, in the United States, there are currently over 500 individuals with the surname Harangozo,.

In addition to the surname, "Harangozo" is also the name of a small village in Hungary, located just a few kilometers north of the city of Pécs. This village is the likely origin of the surname Harangozo and is believed to have been established by the original Harangozos in the 16th century. Today, the village is home to the very small community of Harangozos, who are all descended from the same noble family that settled there centuries ago.

Variations of the surname Harangozo

The surname Harangozo is of Hungarian origin and has numerous variants in spelling and various alternate surnames. Common variants include Harangözö, Harangozö, Harangozu, Harangovo, Harangovov and Harangozzo. It is also known by its alternate surnames, Harampály, Harangoça, and H’rérm’si.

Harangozo is a habitational name, derived from any of the several places in Hungary that are named after the main feature of the settlement, such as ‘harang’ meaning ‘bell’. As Hungary was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, this surname is often found throughout Austria as well. The earliest form of the surname dates back to the 16th century.

The surname Harangozo is still used in present-day Hungary. It is also found in many other locations around the world, from the United States and Canada, to Latin America and countries throughout the European Union.

In Hungary, Harangozo is generally a popular surname and there are many notable figures who have held the surname, such as famous Hungarian gymnast Zoltan Harangozo. In the United States, there are several notable figures as well, including NFL players Zoltan and Adam Harangozo, and film director and writer Anita Harangozo.

Famous people with the name Harangozo

  • Brigitta Harangozo: Hungarian actress and singer
  • Lajos Harangozo: Hungarian football coach
  • Alexander Harangozo: Croatian lawyer and diplomat
  • Peter Harangozo: Austrian footballer
  • Hilda Harangozo: Hungarian Olympic figure skater
  • Paul Harangozo: Romanian actor
  • Ludwig Harangozo: German sculptor and professor
  • Tamás Harangozo: Hungarian handball player
  • Barnabás Harangozo: Hungarian politician
  • Iringó Harangozo: Hungarian choreographer and actress

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