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Surname Harmitage - Meaning and Origin

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Harmitage: What does the surname Harmitage mean?

The last name Harmitage is of French origin and is derived from the French word "harme", meaning "song, war cry". It likely referred to the Harme family, one of the oldest French noble lineages.

The name Harmitage can be found as early as 1085. During this time, the Harme family resided primarily in Normandy. While there is no definitive origin of the name, some suggest that it is derived from the Germanic words harm, meaning "sword", and hari, meaning "army"; thus, Harmitage could signify a "strong army with swords".

The Harme family was influential during the Middle Ages and participated in major crusades. They were a powerful noble family and granted a "baron's seal" by King Philip IV of France in the 13th century, which allowed them to rule small parts of Baldwin as their own, independent political entities.

The Harmitage name was eventually anglicised by immigrants who settled in England, Canada, and the United States. Despite the name's noble origin, over time it has come to be associated primarily with working-class people.

The Harme family has a long and illustrious history in Europe. Members of the family are known to have strong ties to their homeland and to value education and achievement.

Today, Harmitage is a well known surname with a reputation for strong, resilient, and fiercely loyal individuals who are proud of their history.

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Harmitage: Where does the name Harmitage come from?

The last name Harmitage is typically found in the United Kingdom, specifically in areas such as England and Scotland. It is believed to have originated from a place called Harmegedon Hill which is situated between Thirsk and Malton in North Yorkshire. The surname is also occasionally found in the United States and Canada, particularly in areas with a high rate of British immigration.

The surname may have multiple spelling variations, such as Harmage and Harmagedon, with the latter being the original spelling of the name. It is believed to have initially been an occupational surname, denoting someone who lived and worked in or near Harmegedon Hill. The name may be derived from Old English words, such as "hara" or "harma" which means herdsman.

Harmitage may also be a patronymic name, derived from another given name such as Harm, Herman, or Harmen. An interesting fact about the name is that the suffix -age was sometimes added to place names or even personal names, to indicate that the person was from that area or born into a certain family. This may indicate a connection to relatives or even an ancient family estate.

Overall, the surname Harmitage is not particularly common, but it is occasionally found in the British Isles, United States and Canada.

Variations of the surname Harmitage

Harmitage is an uncommon British surname that is thought to have multiple origins. It is believed to be a derivative of a variety of other surnames such as the French surname "Harmitage", the Anglo-Saxon surname "Harmeige", the German surname "Harmitage", and the Scandinavian surname "Harmetig", all of which can be found in records from the 16th century.

There are a few different variants and spellings of the surname Harmitage. These include HARMAGE, HARMEAGE, HARMETIG, HARMIGE, HARMITAGE, HERMEAGE, HURMAIGE.

Due to the multiple ways in which the name was spelled, many different surnames arose from the same origin over time. Some of these include HARMEIGE, HARMAGE, HARMEZGE, ARMITAGE, HARMITAGE, HERMITAGE, HARMSTRANGE, and HARMITIGE.

In some cases, other surnames were derived from the original Harmitage and are also linked to the same origin. These include HAMOTTAGE, HARMERSTERGE, HARMINGE, HARMONGE, HARMETTIGE, and HERMYTAGE.

Overall, Harmitage is an uncommon surname that is believed to have multiple origins. It has several variants and spellings, as well as numerous derived surnames. It is important to note that although the name may appear similar, there are distinct differences between each one.

Famous people with the name Harmitage

  • Laura Harmsgate: British actress and television presenter.
  • Nick Harmitage: English radio DJ and journalist.
  • Michael Harmitage: British lawyer and politician.
  • Sarah Harmitage: British movie producer.
  • James Harmitage: British actor, musician and philanthropist.
  • Joseph Harmitage: American civil rights leader and politician.
  • John Harmitage: Australian artist and cartoonist.
  • Someone Harmitage: American tennis player.
  • David Harmitage: British author and military historian.
  • Tom Harmitage: British boxer and mixed martial artist.

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