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Surname Harmssen - Meaning and Origin

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Harmssen: What does the surname Harmssen mean?

The last name Harmssen is of Dutch and German origin. It has its roots in the ancient Germanic word “harms” meaning ‘brave’ and ‘bold’, signifying a heroic or gallant person.

The name may also have been derived from the Dutch word “hermes”, an ancient Teutonic deity in Germanic mythology, also thought to have been linked to bravery. Hermes was seen to be strong, brave and noble, embodying the courage and strength expressed by the Harmssen surname.

In more recent times, Harmssen has been a common name in parts of Germany, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Poland and other European countries, with different versions of the name taking root in each location.

Although many families bearing this name may be descendants of a common ancestor, the Harmssen name also appears to have been adopted by those not related to the original families. However, whoever was the original bearer of this name, it is clear it was a well respected and coveted one, signifying courage and strength.

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Harmssen: Where does the name Harmssen come from?

The last name Harmssen is most commonly found in Norway and Germany. In Norway, Harmssen is a variant of the surname Harmssen, and it is the 8,319th most common surname, according to Norway's 2020 population register.

In Germany, the name is found most frequently in the populous North Rhine-Westphalia region. According to a 2020 study, Harmssen is the 2,919th most common last name in Germany, making it relatively uncommon compared to other surnames.

Outside of Norway and Germany, Harmssen is a rare name. A 2017 survey revealed that the surname is scattered throughout Europe in countries like Denmark, the Netherlands, France, and England. In the United States, it is even more uncommon. The same survey found only four bearers of the name living in the US at the time.

Harmssen is an ancient patronymic surname, and the literal meaning of the name is "son of Harm". The name is usually found attached to a given name such as “Harm Henrik,” and it is believed to have been used as far back as the 16th century when such conventions were more common. It is likely that the name was taken to countries like Norway and Germany when people immigrated in search of better lives.

Variations of the surname Harmssen

Harmssen is a Dutch surname, originating from the Low Länder. It is most popular in the Netherlands and has had several variants over the years.

The most common variant is Harmsen, although it has also been spelled in several ways including Harms, Harmes, Harsmes, Harsmesen, harmsz, Hermsen, and Hermesen.

The variants of the name may have stemmed from spelling errors or alterations, and each spelling may have a specific origin. The origin of the name is unknown, although some historians have claimed that the name is from Germanic origins.

Harmssen is also a common surname in the Netherlands, and many of the variants are found in other countries. The name has also been adopted into other languages over time, resulting in more surnames including Harmsan in Spanish, Armisen in Swedish, and Armisen in Danish.

The surname has been adopted by many different cultures and countries, with some of the more common variants including Harmsen and Harms. Other variants include Harmen, Harmes, Harsmes, Harmse, Hermen, Hermesen, Hermsen, Harmsz, Harmsan, and Armisen. The variants of the name will often depend on the origin of the surname.

Overall, the surname Harmssen is an old Dutch name which has had several different variants and spellings throughout the centuries. It has been adopted into other languages and cultures and many of its variants are found in other countries around the world.

Famous people with the name Harmssen

  • Eneko Harmssen: Spanish professional football (soccer) player who currently plays for Deportes Copiapó of the Primera B de Chile.
  • Gijs Harmssen: Netherlands-based professional racing cyclist who competed in the 2009 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Pruszków, Poland.
  • Maaike Harmssen: Dutch female track cyclist who competed in the 2011 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.
  • Remco Harmssen: Dutch professional high-jump athlete and coach who was inducted into the Track & Field Hall of Fame in 1999.
  • Wilhelmus Harmssen: Dutch professional soccer player who played for several teams during his career, including FC Lisse, Go Ahead Eagles and Almere City FC.
  • June Harmssen: Dutch actress who starred in such films as “Roos” and “Kom naar mij”.
  • Wingay Harmssen: Dutch painter and illustrator known for his work depicting everyday Dutch life in the 1940s and 50s.
  • Gijsbert Harmssen: Dutch civil engineer and bridge designer who was responsible for the design of many of the major bridges connecting the Netherlands to other European countries.
  • Henk Harmssen: Dutch politician and former Foreign Affairs Minister for The Netherlands.
  • Jan Harmssen: One of the founding members of the popular Dutch hip-hop group D-Men and producer of the group's critically acclaimed debut album, Dutchland.

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