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Surname Hascall - Meaning and Origin

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Hascall: What does the surname Hascall mean?

The last name Hascall is likely to have originated in England and is an Anglo-Saxon surname. It is derived from the Old English personal name Hasculf, composed of the elements “haca”, meaning “hook” or “bent”, and “cwlf”, meaning “wolf”. The surname can therefore be translated to mean “bent wolf” or “hooked wolf”.

Variations of this surname include Hascall, Hascold, Hascole, Hasculf, Hascull, Haxall, and Haxell.

As a hereditary surname, the Hascall family likely rose to prominence during the Middle Ages when powerful families had the opportunity to influence society and politics to a great extent. They played a prominent role in the affairs of the Derbyshire region, where they held land.

The Hascalls are known to have been deeply involved in the church. Notable bearers of the name include Maud Haselwode, who was recorded in the Wills and Accounts of Lichfield in 1476, William Haselwode, who was listed in the Cheshire Subsidy Rolls of 1525, and Harvard Hascall, a prominent American soldier who served in the American War of Independence.

The Hascall family can be proud of its distinguished history and proud of the achievements of its noteworthy members. The surname symbolizes power, authority, and distinction, as well as strength of character and strength of will.

Hascall: Where does the name Hascall come from?

Today, the last name HASCALL is most commonly found in the United States. Specifically, the US Census Bureau showed that, as of 2020, the HASCALL surname appeared most in the state of Ohio, with over 550 individuals registered. The states which follow closest behind include Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and South Carolina.

Families of this surname may have descended from an English or Irish origin. The English derivation may originate from a from western part of the country where the recorded name variations Hascall and Haskel are thought to refer to a person who lived near a hazel tree. It is equally possible that the name may have derived from people from the Irish region of Enniscorthy, located in present-day County Wexford.

HASCALL is also a very popular surname among Wales native families. The migration of the family name dates back to the 1600s during the reign of Charles II to escape religious persecution, specifically of the Anglican Church.

Overall, today, the HASCALL family name is most commonly seen in the United States though its roots certainly extend to England and Ireland, and may go back as far as Wales.

Variations of the surname Hascall

Hascall is a surname of English origin, derived from the personal name "Haska" which descends from the Old Norse male given name "Háskuldr", translating to 'Oath-Wolf'." The surname is recorded in English Church Registers from 1576. Variations of spelling, including Hastall, Hascald, Hascole, Haskell, Haskall, Haskill, Hassel, Hassell, Hasuell, Haswell, and Hazzell, are all derived from the same origin.

The surname has variants in many other European countries which include Haskel, Haske, Hazkel, Haschol, Heskel, Haskele, Hasco and Hászka in Hungary; Azkoul in France; Hascall, Tzkol, Zkol in Germany; Haschkol in Bavaria; Hasco, Hazkol, Hazkolle, Hascol, Hascole, Hazkole - Haskel, Hazkel, Hascole, Hazcole, Haskolle, Haskelle, Hascolle, Haskel - Hazcole, Hascuell, Hascul, Hasadi in Italy; Hazkel, Haskell, Haskel, Hascul in Spain; Haschke, Haszkol, Haskela in Poland; Hasse, Haschel, Haschil, Hascole in Russia.

Variants in the United States and Australia include Haskell, Haskel, Hassell, Hazell, Haskelle, Haskill, Hascoate, Ozköl, Hascue, Haskin, Occasionally, variants of the name such as Hassall and Haswell will be found.

In summary, the surname HASCALL has variants and spellings from many European countries as well as the United States and Australia and therefore all of these names can be considered to have the same origin.

Famous people with the name Hascall

  • William Hascall: American vet and geologist
  • Jack Hascall: American basketball player
  • Kristina Hascall: American film and television actress
  • Richard Hascall: Politician in the US House of Representatives
  • Roland Hascall: Aviation pioneer, entrepreneur and founder of the first American airline
  • Thomas Hascall: American clergyman and author
  • Joseph Hascall: English landscape and animal painter
  • Robert Hascall: Canadian politician
  • Donald Hascall: American businessman
  • Caleb Hascall: American soldier, politician and civil engineer

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