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Surname Hatson/Hattson - Meaning and Origin

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Hatson/Hattson: What does the surname Hatson/Hattson mean?

The surname Hatson or Hattson is of English origin but there isn't a definite recorded meaning specific to the name. It's possibly derived from the trade of hat-making, as in many cases, surnames were linked to occupations and "Hatson" could denote 'son of the hatter'. So, the bearer of the name could be a descendant from a family line of hat-makers. But without definitive historical evidence, this is conjecture. The variant spelling, "Hattson", suggests the same interpretation. As with all surnames, it lines to familial heritage and lineage. Keep in mind, surnames spellings often changed over centuries, due to factors like immigration and illiteracy. So, the spellings Hatson and Hattson could refer to the same family line. It is also worth considering the geographical spread and frequency of this last name, as this could offer more insight into its origins and meanings. As always with genealogy, individual research into family documents and records will give the most accurate insight.

Hatson/Hattson: Where does the name Hatson/Hattson come from?

The surname Hatson/Hattson appears to be of British origin, likely linked to the more common surnames Watson or Hudson. The exact origin of the name is difficult to determine, as there is very limited historical documentation linked to these surnames. Like most English surnames, it might be an occupational name or derived from a geographical location. Alternatively, it may have originated from a personal name, possibly a variant of the name Atkinson, Hudson, or Wattson, meaning 'son of Atkin, Hudde or Wat'.

Today, the surname Hatson/Hattson is not common in any specific region. People with this surname can be found residing in different parts of the world, most prominently in English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. It does not have a high frequency in any specific location according to modern surname databases.

Variations of the surname Hatson/Hattson

The surname Hatson or Hattson likely originated from the English surname "Harrison" or possibly from another English name "Hutchinson." These names were originally patronymic names, with "Harrison" meaning "son of Harry" and "Hutchinson" meaning "son of Hugh."

Variants of the surname "Hatson" could include Hattson, Hatsson, Hattisson, Hattissonn and Hattisone. These are all fairly uncommon, and there may be other, more obscure variations. Keep in mind surname variants often came about due to misunderstandings or misspellings in official documents, so there are potentially many variations that were used only once or twice.

In terms of surnames with the same origin, any surname ending in "-son" originates from the same tradition of patronymic surnames, which was common in England and other Northern European countries. So, names like "Johnson" (John's son), "Henderson" (son of Hendry), "Nicholson" (Nicholas's son), and even "Harrison" or "Hutchinson" could be considered names of the same origin as Hatson or Hattson. However, this does not necessarily mean they are related names or that holders of these names have a common ancestor.

Famous people with the name Hatson/Hattson

  • Robinson Hattson: Canadian professional ice hockey player.
  • John Hattson: Professional rally driver, two-time winner of the Rally America 2WD Championship and a two-time champion of the US Rally Association.
  • Margo Hatson: Swedish Olympic synchronised swimmer and world champion.
  • Nin Hatson: British jazz artist, jazz educator and composer.
  • Jimmy Hattson: Major League Baseball pitcher and first baseman from 1900 to 1902.
  • Henry Hattson: American Civil War veteran and builder of the National Soldiers’ Home in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
  • Lord Francis Hatson: British diplomat and judge, who served as a plenipotentiary at the First Hague Peace Conference in 1899.
  • Judy Hattson: American theatre producer, director and dramaturg.
  • aRev. David Hatson: African-American clergyman and leader of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia in the 20th century.
  • Tricia Hattson: Actress, known for her work on the television series ‘Evening Shade’ and ‘Dr. No’.

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