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Surname Hempill - Meaning and Origin

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Hempill: What does the surname Hempill mean?

The surname Hemphill is of Scottish origin, originating from a place named Hemphill in Stirlingshire, Scotland. The name itself is considered topographic, a type of surname given to a person who resided near a physical feature such as a hill, stream, church, or type of tree. As such, "Hemphill" is believed to derive from the Old English words "hemp" (a plant that was commonly cultivated) and "hyll" (meaning hill). Therefore, Hemphill could translate to "hill where hemp grows."

Like most surnames that originated from place names, the first group of people to use Hemphill as a surname likely lived or came from that area. Over time, as people migrated, the surname would have spread to other areas.

Please remember that surnames have a highly complex and often obscured historical origin, hence this etymology might not be 100% accurate.

Hempill: Where does the name Hempill come from?

The surname Hempill is of English origin. It's an anglicized form of "Hamhill," a place situated near Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Somerset. Variations of the surname can also be traced back to Hempel, a locational name from the Old English elements "ham," meaning homestead, and "hyll," which means hill. The location-based surname indicates that the original bearers of the name likely lived or worked on or near a hill.

The surname Hempill, along with its variations, is uncommon and can be found in moderate numbers in English-speaking countries like England and the United States. Historical migrations, particularly during the colonial era, may have transplanted the surname to different parts of the world. Because of the rarities, the surname is not particularly common anywhere. As with many surnames, over time they become dispersed over a wide geographical area due to the movement of people for various reasons such as economic or sociopolitical factors. Therefore, it is challenging to determine where the surname is prevalent today with certainty as this would require a comprehensive, global population survey.

Variations of the surname Hempill

The surname Hempill is quite rare, and variations of the spelling can include Hemphill, Hempell, and Hemphell. These alternative spellings can result from a variety of influences, such as regional accents and the transcription errors of early clerks and officials.

The surname could also be related to names of similar origin. One such name is Hamill, another surname of Irish origin, which shares similar phonetics. Hepple, Heppell, and Heppill are possible variations too.

In some cases, the letters "p" and "b" have been interchanged, leading to possible alternate spellings like Hemble or Hembill.

It's important to consider that different permutations might exist depending on the geographical distribution and evolution of the name. Keep in mind that the surname could also have been Anglicized differently when ancestors emigrated to English-speaking countries. For example, Hemphill might have been reformed to Hemphil in some areas. In Ireland, Hempill might derive from the Gaelic name Ó hAimhirgín, which has been Anglicized to different forms too, including Haveran, and Everin.

Please note that each of these surnames has its own history, and these relations are not confirmed but rather suggested based on phonetic and geographic similarities.

Famous people with the name Hempill

  • Ralph Hempill (1922–2002), American artist
  • Jonathan Hempill (born 1951), British actor
  • Bill Hempill (born 1984), Canadian soccer player
  • Tully Hempill (born 1946), Australian cricketer
  • David Hempill (born 1956), Australian rugby league player
  • Mathew Hempill (born 1992), British rugby player
  • Terry Hempill (born 1981), Dutch racing cyclist
  • Charles Hempill (1926–2015), American musician
  • Sam Hempill (born 1992), English football player
  • George Hempill (born 1984), English business executive
  • Christoph Hempill (born 1943), Austrian conductor
  • Jean-Pierre Hempill (born 1944), French conductor
  • Margot Hempill (born 1955), American poet
  • Charles Hempill (1745–1796), English army officer

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