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Surname Henningfield - Meaning and Origin

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Henningfield: What does the surname Henningfield mean?

The surname Henningfield is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is derived from the Old English personal name "Hengest," or "Hengestfield," which translates to mean "Hengest's field".

Hengest was an early Anglo-Saxon warlord who, alongside his brother Horsa, led their people, the Jutes, in the invasion of Britain in AD 449. Variants of the Henningfield surname include Henningsfield, Heningfield, and Hennigfield.

The Henningfield surname is often associated with land ownership and farming. Historically, the surname likely originated as a place name when a person, usually of some wealth, was given ownership of land for providing a service, such as building a bridge or providing military service.

In England, the Henningfield surname is primarily found in the region of East Anglia. There are also records in Ireland and Scotland, most likely due to families who emigrated from England.

The Henningfield surname is still used today and people who carry it can be found all over the world. These individuals can trace their roots back to the original warlord Hengest and his legacy. Hengest's field has since grown into a rich tapestry of people who share a common ancestry and identity.

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Henningfield: Where does the name Henningfield come from?

The last name Henningfield is most commonly found in the United States. According to the US Census Bureau, this last name is most prevalent in New York, with 370 recorded instances. In California, there are 159 recorded instances. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida also have sizeable populations of people with the Henningfield surname.

Henningfield is an uncommon but not rare surname in the United States. In 2020, the US Census reported a combined total of 983 people with the last name. It is an interesting last name, thought to have a possibly Germanic origin.

Further analysis of distribution patterns for the Henningfield surname suggest that the last name is dispersed through most of the United States. Small populations are found in each state, although, as mentioned above, the highest concentration of people with this name is found in New York followed by California, and then Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida.

Henningfield is one of many surnames that has seen large concentrations of individuals move from their places of origin in Europe to the United States. The trends suggest that the last name has been in the United States for at least a few generations and has been slowly migrating westward with the rest of the population.

Variations of the surname Henningfield

Henningfield is an English surname believed to have common Germanic ancestry, derived from the given name “Hann”, a short form of Johannes (John). It is commonly thought to mean “son of Hann”, but the exact origins are unknown.

Variations of Henningfield include Henningfeld, Henningfel, Henningfielde, Annfield, Anfingfield, Hanningfield and Hanningfelt.

Henningfield is also an Americanized version of the German surname Heininger, which has roots in the Middle High German heiniger meaning “master.”

Other surnames derived from Henningfield can be found in various parts of Germany, including Heunigfeld, Heuningenfeld, Heuningfeld, Herningfeld, Heunefalf, and Heunijnfeld. In addition, the surnames Anningfield and Henningham are also derived from Henningfield.

Those with the Henningfield name have also been found in England since at least the 1300s, and can also be found in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia.

Despite the various spellings and regional variants, the Henningfield surname always has its roots in the same name, Hann. It has come to represent various branches of a single family tree, unified by their shared origins in Hann.

Famous people with the name Henningfield

  • Jack Henningfield: An American psychologist and pharmacologist, he is most known for contributing to the development of the Fagerström Test for Nicotine Dependence.
  • Hubert Henningfield: An American physician, he is known for his work in hypertension and tobacco-related illnesses.
  • John Henningfield: An American astronaut, he became the first person to perform spacewalks during the Apollo 16 mission.
  • Jeffrey Henningfield: An American lawyer and author, he is known for his work in the area of tobacco regulation and control.
  • Mary Henningfield: An American businesswoman, she is known for her leadership in the health care industry.
  • Chris Henningfield: An American musician, he is most known for his work in the thrash metal and death metal genres.
  • Mark Henningfield: An American film director and producer, he is known for his work on the cult classic horror film Phantasm III.
  • John Roger Henningfield: An American lawyer and judge, he served as a New Jersey Supreme Court Justice from 1986: 2003.
  • Paul H. Henningfield: An American aviator, he was the first person to fly around Mt. Rainier.
  • Karen Henningfield: An American country music artist and songwriter, she is known for her work with the bands Mavericks and Henningfield.

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