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Surname Hepping - Meaning and Origin

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Hepping: What does the surname Hepping mean?

The surname Hepping is of German origin, and is derived from the personal name “Heppo”. The meaning of the name is uncertain, but it has been speculated that it was derived from the Germanic word “Hepp”, which means cheerful.

The Hepping surname first appears in records around the 14th century, when the first recorded spelling of the name was recorded as the name “Heppen”. The Hepping surname has spread to other countries over time, with the earliest recorded immigration of this family appearing in the United States in 1784.

The Hepping family has since spread across the globe, with many members of the family now being based in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Hepping is a slightly uncommon name, but the family members who bear the name all share a similar characteristic - the quality of being cheerful and optimistic. This is thought to be inherited from their ancestor, Heppo.

Overall, the Hepping surname is a Germanic surname, potentially derived from the word “Hepp”, and associated with the quality of being cheerful and optimistic.

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Hepping: Where does the name Hepping come from?

The last name Hepping is most commonly found in Germany today. According to the Social Security Administration's data, the name is ranked as the 3,510th most common surname across the United States, meaning it is more common in Germany.

The name's roots can be traced back to medieval German nobility, where the name was given to servants of nobles. It ultimately derived from 'heppen', which means 'noisy'.

The last name has since spread into other areas of Europe, including the Netherlands, Austria, and Denmark. It has also traveled as far as Haiti, Canada, and even The United States.

In its native Germany, the surname is particularly common in the west. It is particularly prominent in the states of Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, North-Rhine Westphalia, and Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Hepping is also a popular choice in some of the United States' larger cities, with notable populations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angelos.

Overall, the last name Hepping can be found in a variety of locations across the globe. Common places include Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, and the United States. However, it is particularly popular in its native Germany, especially in the western states.

Variations of the surname Hepping

The surname Hepping has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Variants of Hepping include Heppen, Heppin, Heppen and Heppin. Spellings of the name include Heping, Hepin and Hebbin. Similar surnames of the same origin include Hebb, Hepp and Heppe.

Hepping is a Germanic surname descended from the ancient Germanic language. It was likely taken on by several people who lived in areas of what is now Germany and the Netherlands. The name likely originated in these areas.

The spelling of Hepping has also changed over time. Heppen is a variant spelling of Hepping that is most commonly used in Germany and the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Heppin is an English variant spelling that is widely used in the United States.

The meaning of the name Hepping is uncertain. Some believe that it may have been derived from the word “hippen,” which in Old High German meant “strut” or “prance.” Alternatively, it may be derived from the Old English word “heof,” which means “peace and protection.”

Hepp is the surname most closely associated with Hepping. The root word of the name has been traced back to the 12th century and is derived from either the Old English “heaf” or the Old Germanic “hebban,” which both mean “to lift.”

The surname Hepp has several variants including Heppe, Hepper and Heppell. There are also several spellings of the name including Hebb, Heppen, Hepen, Hebing and Ebbin. These spellings are most commonly found in areas of Germany and the Netherlands.

The surname Hepping is an ancient name that has changed over time and has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These variants and spellings are Heppen, Heppin, Heppen, Heppin, Hebb, Hepp, Heppe, Hepper, Heppell, Hebing and Ebbin. The meaning of the name is uncertain, but it likely has roots in the Old English word “heaf,” which means “peace and protection,” or the Old Germanic word “hebban,” which means “to lift.”

Famous people with the name Hepping

  • Amy Hepping: Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) coach.
  • Christopher Hepping: British rower.
  • Erlend Hepping: Swedish artist.
  • Harry Hepping: German football player.
  • Johann Hepping: German-American Politician.
  • Tim Hepping: American football player.
  • Grant Hepping: American soccer coach.
  • Robert Hepping: American golfer.
  • Karen Hepping: American middle-distance runner.
  • Julian Hepping: Dutch film producer.
  • Raymond Hepping: Dutch shotputter.
  • Linda Hepping: American photographer.
  • Jae Hepping: American athletics coach.
  • Dan Hepping: British professional wrestler.
  • Jake Hepping: American actor.
  • Michael Hepping: American dancer.
  • Bethany Hepping: British photographer.
  • Kevin Hepping: British composer.
  • Noah Hepping: American inventor.
  • Landon Hepping: Canadian curler.

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