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Surname Hepprich - Meaning and Origin

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Hepprich: What does the surname Hepprich mean?

The last name Hepprich is of German origin, and is derived from the Middle High German word 'hebric', meaning 'younger one'. It is believed to have been a descriptive surname for a younger son as it is very similar to the word 'hebruoder', which translates to 'younger brother'. It could also refer to a younger son who was acknowledged by the family in some way.

The name Hepprich is believed to have originated in Bavaria, Germany. Records from the 18th century show that the Hepprich family could be found in the small villages of Oberrosbach, Rosbach, and Odelzhausen.

The Hepprich name is also derived from the word 'haber', meaning 'oats'. This suggests that family members were oat growers or grain farmers in Bavaria. This would have helped them to gain prominence and wealth in the area.

Today, the Hepprich name is quite common. It is found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, and the United States. People with the Hepprich name are known to be strong-willed, determined, and hard-working. They are also extremely loyal to those they hold close and have a deep sense of responsibility for their family.

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Hepprich: Where does the name Hepprich come from?

The last name Hepprich appears to have originated in Germany. Today, the surname is most widespread in Germany, followed by the United States, Austria, Brazil, Canada, and Switzerland, among other countries.

In Germany, the last name Hepprich is most common in the northern region, particularly in and around Hamburg, where it is one of the most frequent surnames. In the US, the surname is most commonly found in Pennsylvania, followed by Texas and Illinois. In Brazil, it is the most common in Parana and Rio Grande Do Sul states.

In Canada, Hepprich appears to be most common in the province of Ontario, specifically the Toronto-Hamilton-Niagara region. In Austria, it is concentrated in the capital city, Vienna. In Switzerland, it is found primarily in the Canton of Zug and the Canton of Bern.

Alternative spellings of the surname include Heperich, Hebperrich, Heppeck, Haprich, and Heppreck. It is thought that the name may have derived from the German word hepp, which means "happy," "peaceful," or "cheerful."

Variations of the surname Hepprich

Hepprich is a German surname that has been in existence since at least the 15th century. It is thought to be derived from the Middle High German word "hebe", which means high or tall. Variations of this surname include Hepprig, Heppreck, Hepprigge, Hepprecker, Hepperig, Hepperigge, and Hepperrecker.

In some cases, these names may have been adapted to other languages or countries. For example, the French version of Hepprich is HeRicher, the English version is HePPERidge, and the Dutch version is HepKERud.

Other spellings may include Haprich, Heberich, Heppricht, Heppish, Heppishu, Hepprikh, Hübner (from the Middle High German personal name "Hübner"), and Hübner-Hepprich.

The surname Hepprich has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, but all of them trace back to the original Middle High German word "hebe".

Famous people with the name Hepprich

  • Julie Hepprich: a broadcaster and reporter based in Denver, Colorado.
  • Ed Hepprich: a former NFL linebacker who played for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Paul Hepprich: a professional ice hockey player who played in the NHL for the Chicago Blackhawks.
  • Tom Hepprich: a retired American football running back who played college football at Temple and was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the fifth round of the 1964 NFL Draft.
  • Juan Hepprich: an entrepreneur and motivational speaker hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Jaswinder Hepprich: an Olympic wrestler who participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games.
  • Andrew Hepprich: a retired professional mountain climber who spent most of his time scaling mountains in the Western United States.
  • Chris Hepprich: a former NFL defensive back who played college football at Iowa State
  • Jim Hepprich: an accomplished blues guitarist in the Portland music scene.
  • Joe Hepprich: an American college basketball coach who is currently an assistant coach at Fresno Pacific University in California.

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