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Surname Hermening - Meaning and Origin

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Hermening: What does the surname Hermening mean?

The last name Hermening is of German origin. It is thought to have derived from a Germanic personal name, Hermann, meaning “soldier” or “army man.” The earliest visuals of the name in the German speaking region of Europe are documented as far back as the 12th century and many connected family names started off as personal names.

The surname Hermening is most popular in German-speaking countries, with its earliest records found in the Rhineland, precisely in the towns of Obermorschwihr and Tiengen. Some of the records link the name with nobility, and a few are even associated with the honorific Frisian knighthood.

Hermening may also be an occupational name, meaning “herdsman.” This is an old Germanic name derived from “herm” meaning “shepherd.” It is likely that this was an easily recognizable and adaptive name used during the medieval period when people often adopted professions as surnames to distinguish themselves from others.

Today, those who carry the last name Hermening are found primarily in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Switzerland, but it is also quite common in northern and eastern America as immigrants from German-speaking countries settled in the US and Canada during the 17th and 19th centuries. It is possible that the origins of Hermening have even more to offer, as the name may also have Mongolian, Chinese, or other Eastern Asian roots.

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Hermening: Where does the name Hermening come from?

The last name Hermening is most common in Germany, with some cases in Austria and France as well. The origin of this last name can be traced back to medieval Europe, with some factors pointing to southern Germany and Austria as the likely site of origin.

In a 2017 study of Germany's population by Last Names, it was shown that Hermening is the 2543rd most common surname in the country. This correlates to a frequency of 0.00032% of the population, or around 10,000 people who share the name.

The name can also be found in some immigrated families in North America, as a result of German and Austrian migration to the continent between the 17th and 19th centuries. In the United States, the name is most popular in the midwestern states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Overall, the last name Hermening is not a particularly common name today, and is most prevalent in Germany, alongside some smaller populations in Austria, France, and the United States. People with this last name often have a German-speaking heritage, with the possible exception of the North American branches.

Variations of the surname Hermening

The surname Hermening is derived from the Germanic name Herman, which evolved from the Old German name Hariman. Common variants and spellings of the surname include, but are not limited to, Herming, Hermaning, Hermann, Hermening, Heming, Hermening, Harmaning, Herrman, Hermin, Herrmein and Herminen.

The surname is most commonly found in various parts of Northern Germany, such as the lowlands of Lower Saxony. In its earliest form, the surname was a diminutive form of the Old German given name Hariman. It was mainly used to denote a son nicknamed to have been given the same name as their father.

The surname is in its most widespread form in Germany, however, there are a few occurrences of the surname in other parts of Europe. The name can also be found in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Sweden. The Swedish variant of the name is Hermin.

Hermening is also a German Jewish surname. The German Jewish surname began to appear in records sometime in the late 17th century, when the number of Jews living in Germany began to increase significantly. The variant form of this surname is Harman.

The surname Hermening is also an Americanized form of the surname Hermin. This name was adopted in the United States by immigrants from Germany in the late 19th century.

Overall, the surname Hermening can be found under several different spellings, surnames and variants, with the most common being Hermaning and Herrman. Other forms may include Hermin, Heming, Herrmein and Harmaning.

Famous people with the name Hermening

  • Frank Hermening Jr.: Former United States Marine held as a prisoner of war for over five years after being captured during the Beirut barracks bombings in Lebanon in 1983.
  • Jayme Hermening: Award-winning children's author and educational advocate.
  • Arthur Hermening: World War II veteran and recipient of the Navy Cross for valor in battle.
  • Robert Andrew Hermening: Former United States Marine who was held captive for 109 days during the Iran hostage crisis.
  • Nicholas J. Hermening: Retired United States Air Force Sergeant who served during the Vietnam War.
  • Michael Hermening: Former International Swimming Hall of Fame Inductee.
  • Joseph F. Hermening: Former United States Marine whose story was told in the Oliver Stone movie Heaven and Earth.
  • Rebecca Hermening: Educator, writer, and author who wrote the book The Fascist Response to Einstein.
  • Blake Hermening: World-renowned portfolio manager, financial adviser, and speaker.
  • Nathaniel Hermening: Former United States Marine who served during the Iraq War and was featured in the documentary Occupation: Dreamland.

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