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Surname Hermerding - Meaning and Origin

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Hermerding: What does the surname Hermerding mean?

The last name Hermerding is of German origin. It is derived from the Middle High German word "Harmenrit," which refers to a tailor or a clothier, and the word "ding," which means "thing," "situation," "condition," or "status." Combined, the name literally translates to " Tailor Thing ".

The name likely originated during the Middle Ages when competent tailors were in high demand. Hermerding has become a common surname throughout Germany, the Netherlands, and other European countries over the centuries.

In modern times, when people hear the last name Hermerding, they may assume its bearer is of German origin. The name may also imply a certain character trait, such as skilfulness and attention to detail, as required in the tailoring profession.

Today, Hermerding is still a prominent surname. People who carry this name are able to trace their ancestry back to a common tailor ancestor, and can reflect on the value of the services these skilled individuals once provided to communities of old.

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Hermerding: Where does the name Hermerding come from?

The last name Hermerding is found in many countries around the globe today. It is most commonly found in Germany, where it is believed to be a Germanized version of the Dutch name Harmeling. It is also found in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. In the United States, it is found mainly in the Midwest, with the largest concentration in Kansas and Nebraska. In Canada, it is found primarily in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The origin of the name is largely unknown, though some believe it may be derived from the German words ‘herr’, meaning ‘lord’ or ‘master’, and ‘merkur’, which means ‘trade’.

The current concentrations of the last name Hermerding appear to be concentrated in areas of being influenced by German migration. It is likely that the name was adopted by immigrants to the Americas, and later, to other countries, who wished to assimilate into their new communities. Therefore, the last name Hermerding can be found in many countries and regions today, a testament to the power of migration.

Variations of the surname Hermerding

Hermerding is a primarily German surname that comes from the Middle High German word hermirt, which means "army guard". The surname is sometimes spelled Hermert, Hermann, Hermer, Hermans, Hermon, Hermen, Hermand, Heerman, Herman, Harmer and Harmann.

The surname may also have derived from a habitational name, referring to a person who lived near or on a hill. In this case, some variant spellings are Hermerdingen, Hermerdinge, Hermanning, Herken and Herking.

In some cases, the surname has also been associated with the place name Hermersdorf in the district of Wittenberg in Lower Saxony, Germany. The place name Hermersdorf comes from an old form of a name, "Hermer's village", and thus the surname could stem from an ancestral family who lived in the village and took the name as their own.

Although the surname originates from Germany, it can also be found in other countries in Europe due to migration. Variations in the spelling of the surname have also been noted due to different languages and dialects; for example, in countries such as France, the surname may be spelled Hermez. In Poland, the name may be spelled Hermert or Herrmord.

In the United States, the name is almost always spelled as it appears in Germany, and is commonly found in states with high German-American populations, particularly in Pennsylvania.

Famous people with the name Hermerding

  • Eric Hermerding: Eric Hermerding is a professional cinematographer and camera operator who has worked on projects such as CSI: Miami, Ozark and Mad Men.
  • Julee Hermerding: Julee Hermerding is an American photographer who is recognized for her portraits, landscapes and cityscapes.
  • Kurt Hermerding: Kurt Hermerding is a German footballer who currently plays for VfL Osnabrück.
  • David Hermerding: David Hermerding is a former college basketball player who played four seasons at Harvard University from 1997 to 2001 and then professionally in Europe.
  • Carsten Hermerding: Carsten Hermerding is a director, writer, and producer, known for movie projects Dark Hours, Terra Cotta Heart, and St. Thomas.
  • Paul Hermerding: Paul Hermerding is a former professional tennis player from Germany.
  • Michael Hermerding: Michael Hermerding is a retired American basketball player, having been a small forward for UCF (University of Central Florida).
  • Gary Hermerding: Gary Hermerding is a retired American basketball player who played collegiately at Maryland and professionally in the NBA for the New York Nets.
  • Bethany Hermerding: Bethany Hermerding is a former professional softball player and Olympic athlete who won a gold medal in the 2000 summer Olympics.
  • Seth Hermerding: Seth Hermerding is a professional stuntman and stunt coordinator from California. He has worked on numerous projects such as Lost in Space, Ant-Man and The Avengers series.

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