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Surname Hewison - Meaning and Origin

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Hewison: What does the surname Hewison mean?

The surname Hewison is of Old English origin and is derived from the personal name Heward, which subsequently became a patronymic surname. In Old English, "Heward" is a compound of the elements 'hiew', which means ‘household’, and 'weard', which means ‘guard’, hence the meaning could be ‘guardian of the household’. This name was traditionally given to stewards in noble houses in the Anglo-Saxon era. The suffix "-son" indicates "son of," suggesting that the original bearer was the son of a man named Heward. Thus, the surname Hewison could mean "son of the household guard". This surname has variants including Hewson, Howson and Hewis. Like many surnames, over time it has evolved in its spelling. Records of the surname go back many centuries in England, indicating its longstanding presence and potentially noble origins. Please note that surname meanings are often speculative and interpretation may vary as records from the time when surnames were first established are typically scarce.

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Hewison: Where does the name Hewison come from?

The surname Hewison is of Scottish origin. It is derived from the given name Hugh, and the suffix "son" meaning 'son of Hugh'. This name-first came into use during the Middle Ages in Scotland. The earliest record of the name Hewison can be found in Scotland in the 15th and 16th centuries, which establishes its origins in that part of the United Kingdom.

Today, the surname Hewison is relatively rare, but it can still be found in several countries around the world, primarily in English-speaking countries due to historical immigration. It is most common in Scotland and Northern England due to historical and geographical proximity. The surname has also spread to other parts of the world such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, often with the movement of Scottish emigrants.

The surname Hewison, like many surnames, can offer a fascinating glimpse into the migration and settlement patterns of our ancestors. However, the rarity of the name today means there are fewer people carrying on this historical surname compared to more common surnames.

Variations of the surname Hewison

Hewison is a surname of English origin. Its spelling variants include Heweson, Huison, Hewisson, and Huwison. This surname could have two possible origins. The first one might be the metronymic form of "Hew", which was derived from the name Hugh. The second one might be the metronymic of "Hewit", meaning son of little Hugh.

The surname Hewitson, of the same essence, is believed to be from North England, particularly from Lancashire and Yorkshire. Similar spellings and variants identified are Hewetson, Hewittson, Howitson and Huwitson.

Moreover, given the complex process through which surnames have evolved, they may have been altered based on factors like dialect, handwriting, and illiteracy. Hence, there could be more variations that are possibly unrecorded or less common.

Furthermore, it has to be noted that sometimes, two different surnames may sound similar but might not have shared an original common root; always look for a substantiated genealogical connection.

Famous people with the name Hewison

  • Robert Hewison: British historian, critic and cultural commentator
  • Catriona Hewison: British journalist
  • Roy Hewison: British author, lecturer, filmmaker and playwright
  • Steve Hewison: British actor
  • Sam Hewison: New Zealand actor and model
  • Tony Hewison: Australian folklore collector
  • A. G. S. Hewison: British lawyer, New Zealand Māori language researcher and politician
  • Ernie Hewison: British World War I flying ace
  • R. Hewison: English public school football coach
  • Rosalind Hewison: English actress
  • Juliet Hewison: British actress
  • Ian Hewison: Australian actor
  • Annette Hewison: Caribbean sculptor
  • Laurie Hewison: British illustrator
  • Ed Petch Hewison: British doctor specialising in treating cancer
  • Roy Hewison: British World War I flying ace
  • Beverley Hewison: British local politician
  • Sarah Hewison: British singer

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