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Surname Hewling - Meaning and Origin

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Hewling: What does the surname Hewling mean?

The last name Hewling is an English surname, derived from the Middle English or Old English name Hĕōl, which is thought to have been derived from the Old Norse hjǫlmr which means "helmet". This indicates that people with this name originally worked as armourers or blacksmiths.

The word Heling can also mean "one who lives on a hill" or, more loosely, "one who comes from the higher ground". It is a popular name in England, with a strong presence in central and southern parts of the country, particularly around London, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. The name is also common in parts of Ireland and Scotland.

The use of the name Hewling has also appeared in US records, although it is unclear when it arrived in America or how the name changed over time. It was probably passed down by English-speaking settlers, often as a version of the more common name Howell.

Hewling is believed to have been derived from a much older European name, which is a testament to the depth of surnames in English culture. The fact that the surname is still in use today is a testament to the legacy of this original name, and to the continuing strength of the family culture that is associated with the name Hewling.

Hewling: Where does the name Hewling come from?

The surname Hewling is most common in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In England and Wales, it's most prevalent in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire. It is also found in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Hewling is an old Anglo-Saxon family name. Records indicate it was established before the Norman Conquest of 1066.

In the UK census of 1881, Hewling was especially common in Oxfordshire, with 364 Hewlings listed. According to the Surname Database website, there were 222 people with this last name in the UK in the first quarter of 2020.

Hewling is also found in other parts of Europe, particularly in Estonia, Iceland, Germany, and Finland. It is also found in the United States and Canada, though less common. The name in North America appears to have British origins, with the earliest spellings recorded in New England as well as Canada.

Hewling is an interesting surname. It can be used to trace the lineage of those with this surname back to its Anglo-Saxon roots. It can also be used to identify those who settled in Britain from other parts of Europe at a much later date.

Variations of the surname Hewling

The surname Hewling is a derived from the Anglo Saxon name "Howell" which is of Welsh origin. It is an occupational surname, referring to those who held a position of a "heawere" or shepherd. There are many different spellings and variants of the surname Hewling including Huelin, Hueling, Hewlen, Heulin, Heuling, Hewland, Hulling, and Heading.

In the United States, the surname Hewling has roots in the southern and southeastern states of North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and even as far west as Kansas, with the largest population being in Tennessee.

Although the spelling variants vary, the commonality in the spelling of Hewling are the double "l" at the end of the surname, with the "ew" or "ue" at the beginning of the surname being interchangeable. For example, Hueling in place of Hewling, a common variant.

Beyond the variations of spelling, there are variations in pronunciation as well. For example, Huelin and Hueling may be pronounced the same as Hewling but some may instead pronounce it as "Hulling". Similarly, Heuling and Heulin may be pronounced with a long "e" (he-uling or he-ulin) instead of the shorter sound of Hewling.

The surnames of the same root also include Howell, Howland, Howel, Hawl, Hawley, Huley, Hewley and Healy. Despite the same root, these surnames stem from various regions across the British isles which has led to distinctive spelling variations over time.

In conclusion, the surname Hewling is an Anglo-Saxon derived name with many variations, both in spelling and pronunciation, and roots in the southeastern United States. Despite its numerous variations, the same root shared by Hewling, Howell, and other similar surnames links them together, allowing them to trace their ancestry back to the same source.

Famous people with the name Hewling

  • Andy Hewling: British diver who competed in the 1972 Olympic Games.
  • Jes Hewling: English footballer who played in the Football League for Torquay United.
  • John Hewling: English cricketer who played for Kent County Cricket Club from 1892 to 1902.
  • Andrew Hewling: British racing cyclist who has competed in many international cycling championships.
  • John Hewling: English architect and surveyor, son of Sir Christopher Wren and Rebekah Turner.
  • Jeff Hewling: American actor and screenwriter of the 1940s and 1950s.
  • William Hewling: English cricketer who played for Middlesex from 1891 to 1902.
  • John Hewling: British actor who appeared in various television and film roles.
  • Tony Hewling: British rally driver who raced in the World Rally Championship from 1989 to 1994.
  • Janet Hewling: English poet best known for her anthology of poetry, The Invisible Star.

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