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Surname Hightower - Meaning and Origin

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Hightower: What does the surname Hightower mean?

The surname Hightower is of English origin, derived from the Old English words "heah" meaning "high" and "torr" meaning "tower". It typically referred to someone who lived near a prominent tower or high structure, or possibly even within the tower itself. It may have also been used as a nickname for a tall, tower-like person. The use of surnames was introduced in England after the Norman Conquest in 1066 for the purpose of distinguishing people with the same first names, often referencing a person’s occupation, location, or personal characteristics. The name Hightower is therefore a topographic or descriptive surname. It's worth-noting that the meaning of a last name can vary based on geographical location and time period.

Hightower: Where does the name Hightower come from?

The surname Hightower is of English origin derived from the Old English words "heah" meaning high and "torr" meaning tower or hill. The name is considered placename or topographic, attributed to those residing in or near a prominent tower or a hill. The first recorded spelling of the family name dates back to the 13th century in London during the reign of King Edward III.

Today, the Hightower surname is more common in the United States, particularly in states such as Texas, California, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida according to the distribution pattern from the Forebears and House of Names. There is also a notable presence in England where it was originated. The popularity of the name in the United States can be attributed to the waves of English immigrants who migrated to the New World during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Variations of the surname Hightower

The surname Hightower is an English surname that originates from the geographical location of a person’s residence. It is derived from Old English terms "heah” meaning "high" and "torr" meaning "tower". Given the evolutions of language and spellings over centuries, the various variants or spellings may include names like Hightoure, Hytower, Hiteower, and Highetower. There isn't a lot of known variants or alternate spellings because the name itself is quite descriptive and unique.

As for surnames of similar origin, the names are usually associated with geographical features, buildings or places. Some examples of these could include names like Hill, Underhill, Broadbridge, Atwood, Byfield or Brook. They all indicate a specific geographical feature or place where ancestors may have lived. While they are similar in nature of origin, they are not direct variants of the name Hightower.

It is also worth noting that Hightower may not share the exact same origins with its variants or similar surnames, as different families may have taken on similar names independently, based on their respective dwelling places or occupations. Perfectly reliable information can be found in genealogical research or through a professional genealogist.

Famous people with the name Hightower

  • Imani Hightower: American model, TV personality, and content creator
  • LaTanya Richardson Jackson: American actress and wife of actor Samuel L Jackson
  • Bill Hightower: American politician, member of the Alabama Senate
  • Dan Hightower: American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • William Hightower: American musician and singer-songwriter
  • Tracey Hightower: Australian football player
  • Imran Hightower: British television personality and model
  • Kim Hightower: American author and speaker
  • Carrington Hightower: American football player
  • Maxie Hightower: American actress and singer

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