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Surname Hinant - Meaning and Origin

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Hinant: What does the surname Hinant mean?

The surname Hinant is a patronymic name from the Olde French elements "henne," meaning girl or maiden, and "aunce," meaning ancestor. Together, the name is thought to mean "descendant of the lieutenant." This gives the surname a history of being names for those who serve in a lieutenant's capacity, although there can be some variation in interpretation.

The surname can be found in records from as early as the eleventh century, occurring in Normandy, France and certain parts of England. During the Twelfth century, a family of Hinants is documented as having come over to England from France and settled in the county of Norfolk.

The name Hinant remains popular in France today, with it ranking at number 354 on the list of France's most popular surnames. In the United States, however, the name is much less common, with only around 700 people bearing the surname in 2020.

The notable meaning of the name Hinant speaks to its early use as a surname. It is still considered to be a reference to a person who had achieved a certain amount of status or stature in a lieutenant's capacity. This meaning is further evidenced in the usage of the name in other languages, such as Spanish, where the spelling of the surname is "Henante."

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Hinant: Where does the name Hinant come from?

The last name Hinant is most commonly seen today in Belgium. The name is thought to have originated in the medieval times primarily from the province of Hainaut, which is now part of the modern day Wallonia region. It is unclear how many people bear the name, but research suggests that it is at least several thousand.

The name Hinant can be found in Belgium's national records up to the end of the 18th century. It has also been located in the Netherlands, France, and Germany. The name was brought to the United States during the immigration period of 1880-1910, when many Europeans settled in America.

As of today, the name is still found in Europe. It is particularly popular in the French region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, aswell as in certain areas of Germany and the Netherlands. The name is also common amongst French-speaking Americans.

However, the name has become less common in recent times and is now recognised as a niche or rare surname. Nevertheless, it is still a popular choice amongst the Flemish and Walloons of Belgium, as well as those in the French-speaking parts of America.

Variations of the surname Hinant

The variant spellings and surnames of the same origin as Hinant include Hinant, Hinnant, Henant, Hennant, Hynant, Hyneant, and Hinanant.

The surname Hinant originated in Belgium, and is either derived from the given name Antoine, or from the Germanic personal name "Heinan." The historical and etymological evidence supports the idea that the original name was Antoine, and was later altered to "Heinan" in certain countries.

This surname may have been derived from an Old Germanic name meaning "brave companion." Different spellings over time have led to some confusion between this surname and other names of similar origin and spelling.

Hinant is also an anglicized form of the German name Hinanche or Hinant. The name Hinanche is derived from the Old Germanic name "Hinon" or "Hinando," meaning "bold" or "courageous."

Other forms of the Hinant family name include Hyneant, Henant, and Hynant. The United States census bureau lists the most common spellings of this surname in the country as Hineant, Hynant, Hinant, and Hennant, respectively.

In England, the Hinant family name is slightly more common, and is most frequently spelled Henant or Hinnant.

The Hinant surname is uncommon in other countries, and is very rare in Europe. It is also rarely seen in other parts of the world, such as Australia and New Zealand.

Famous people with the name Hinant

  • Timothé Hinant: Belgian professional footballer
  • Jenieva Hinant: American actress and producer
  • Michele Hinant: American author and artist
  • Malorie Hinant: American professional soccer
  • Marin Hinant: Belgian professional footballer
  • Joe Hinant: American professional baseball player
  • Jean-François Hinant: Belgian pairs skater
  • Corinne Hinant: Belgian actress and film producer
  • Pierre Hinant: French artist and sculptor
  • Alice Hinant: French professional table-tennis player
  • Guy Hinant: Belgian puppeteer
  • Yannick Hinant: French illustrator
  • Jean-Luc Hinant: Belgian politician
  • Alice-Louise Hinant: French professional tennis player
  • Fanny Hinant: Belgian-French artist
  • Louis Hinant: French surgeon and entrepreneur
  • Pierre-Nicolas Hinant: French celebrity chef

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